Shadow A-Mewtwo +Clones (and more)

Just seen someone say the latest pokeminers update has uncovered Sh.A-Mewtwo, clones and various alolan/galar/costume pokemon.


Few people have said Sh.A-Mewtwo would be good in UL, but I’m not sure if it’s just Mewtwo related hype, it’s not ranked on pvpoke yet.

Sh. Clone Charizard would be good, both functionally (I missed Sh.Charmander first time round) and also aesthetically.

Not sure what the rest will bring, but if nothing else it’ll mean a general shadow shake up, a TM event and some new stuff to fight in leader battles.

If it’s not on their website (which it isn’t), I’d stay skeptical.

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Totally wouldn’t understand the purpose of Shadow AM2 in UL. It’s…… closer to regular M2, only it has a moveset that Machamp also has and performs better with? Ok…. :thinking:

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This is what they posted, I’m not familiar with their site so unsure if it’s legit or not.

So it’s someone getting all Mewtwo-blind then. Let’s see if it’s legit or not. Shadow clones would be good, although I can’t see us getting multiple runs at them, or not needing to use an ETM.

Yeah…really don’t see the point in Shadow Mewthree…maybe in GL since you couldn’t get a Mewthree that low before?

I don’t know what the unused findings page is. I’ve only ever looked at their reports where they show the actual code strings and what they are/could be about. If these were just assets added to the game code it means nothing right now.

Fair enough, maybe it looks more substantial than it is with the temporary suspension of Giovanni. I’m fully expecting Sh Lugia next up, but perhaps it could be the bones of a future event - it’s not far off the structure of Gofest 2020 with a M2 variant and three notable kanto shadows.

Time will tell.

That I didn’t know. I had my regular shadow M2 in GL once, until I realized it really dies to anything so I took it to UL…still don’t use it, that’s strictly a raiding mon for me. Only Shadow I’ve gotten good use out of in UL is my Zapdos.