Shadow and Purified bonus

Today I was scrolling and I found this. I’ve heard about this kind of new bonus, but someone can explain them?

I’ve yet to discover the actual figure behind the bonus, and it might not even be properly live yet, but I’ve heard the Shadow Bonus is 10%. It’s not bad, I guess, but from my perspective it hardly changes much - they’re much more expensive to level up, start at a fairly low level, and are stuck with Frustration which is downright terrible. You can buy a second move, but at triple the cost it’s not a particularly appealing prospect for alot of mons. Perhaps most beneficial for those mons with slow hard-hitting fast moves that do the majority of their damage (for example, Razor Leaf and Charm users), but you’ve still got to contend with the hefty level up cost.

Purified mons also get a bonus when fighting Shadow mons. I’d guess the bonus is the same, 10%.

Is the bonus actually live yet? I know it’s been found in the code, but I’ve not heard about it being opened up yet

I guess it’s live since I took this screenshot in game. Nothing on my purified mons yet though.

From my understanding, these bonuses aren’t live yet (aside from the visual indicator). I’m hoping that the damage bonus for Shadow Mons ends up being around 10% and not much higher, because I really don’t want a reason to invest tons of dust into Shadow Mons lol.

My guess is the bonus will go live right around the time when Niantic introduces Shadow Eggs.

Right now, unless I’m vastly misunderstanding what it’ll be, I can see great use cases for Purified mons and none for Shadow mons.

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