Shadow Ball Mewtwo Returns to EX Raids

I was not expecting this, but Mewtwo (not Arceus or Darkrai) is returning to EX raids with the move Shadow Ball and the chance to be shiny.

I assume the chance for a shiny will keep people interested, given that SB Mewtwo is outclassed as a Ghost-type attacker. Still, I’m a bit surprised that they decided to recycle a former EX boss rather than go for something new.


I can’t wait for people to complain that it must stay legacy for those who go for ex raid last time when it was added, and that this is an slap to the sacrifices they made to get to the gym at 1pm on a Wednesday.

As a player who never got SB Mewtwo, I’m all for this round of ex raids with the chance of a shiny. I even got two ex raid passes… the only issue is I’ll be out of the country for both of them. To add salt to the wound, despite having a good group of players (3 with supreme counters & 2 with good generalists), just failed a Mewtwo raid today by a hair due to server lag and glitches (if we had 10 more seconds we would’ve won).

Niantic’s announcement states that these invites will start going out September 25th, so I think we can safely assume that EX raids for tomorrow and next week will still be Speed Deoxys. So any EX raid passes you currently have won’t be for Mewtwo. So if you’re out of the country for those two, you won’t be missing much. :grin:

I don’t wanna see any pretending this matters since y’all dumpstered my boy right when Gira-O came out…that’s cold, bruh


I just got an ex raid pass for the 28th, so that means it’s for mewtwo correct?

Your EX raid on the 28th will very likely be Speed Deoxys. Niantic’s announcement (screenshot below) indicates that passes received starting on the 25th and going forward will be Mewtwo. So EX raids happening tomorrow and next week should still be Deoxys.

That sucks as I got an ex raid pass for the 28th too :(

To this date, I did not complain about any Mewtwo raids. Mewtwo is good, more candy is good. I did participate in the old EX-raids.
But now I would like something new. Darkrai is good and should generate enough revenue for Niantic, don’t you think?

The week long exclusive move Mewtwo was too short for me, because if I can go at all, a lot of things have to coincide that I can do two raids a day.

I wouldn’t mind if Psystrike was in ex raids.

Well yeah, Giratina O wipes the floor with SB mewtwo and depending on the moves of the raid boss , Gengar and Chandelure are also better, but it’s a nice addition, although an odd one. I did expect them to make SB available through an event in the futurre, but not this soon.
Now I wonder how they’ll deal with Darkrai, hopefully it won’t be a halloween research, because ew deserve to get a chance to catch more and well… the 1 mythical from research lottery sucks tbh, you normally get awful IVs. Was hyped for Jirachi, only to recieve one with 10 attack, which made sure that I will never power it up

I suppose on one level this isn’t a shock. For the last year or so a normal raid boss is around for about a month, with occasional special or repeat ones that pop up for a week or so between the month long runs. If we follow that established pattern, should we expect 2-3 months of SB Mewtwo in EX raids followed by whatever comes next? I doubt they would do a full year of SB Mewtwo again.

Also, will SB be opened up to TM, or will the TM pool remain where it is now, with Ice Beam, Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Psychic, and Focus Blast? I suspect not, and that the only way to get these special moves will be to get them when they are in raids.

Many of the people in one of my raid circles (the one on campus) don’t have any SB Mewtwo, and will likely be frustrated at this, since we don’t have an EX gym on campus (missed on one by a few feet). Most of them are students, only a few have cars, and the time to go to a random raid at a far away EX gym for a small chance at an EX pass isn’t something that fits into a student schedule. But for most of the people without SB Mewtwo, this is a real boon. Of course, Giratina (Origin) is a better ghost attacker, but there’s something about the OG Mewtwo with PC/SB, …

Personally, I have four SB Mewtwo, best is level 40 with 15/12/15 IVs, haven’t bought a second move yet. Not sure how much effort I’ll put into getting another. Caught a shiny yesterday (albeit with awful IVs), so that box is checked, and I have 9 with Psystrike, including the shiny. So on a personal level, Mewtwo in EX raids is so-so news, I suppose. On the other hand, now that the other kinds of Mewtwo are out there, SB Mewtwo makes a great trade piece at normal trade costs - help someone else without SB out, and get something good in return, lucky trade or not (best to save for lucky trades).

It does, unless you hit the jackpot. My 98% Celebi won’t see much use, and neither will my 71% Mew.

Reading your message reminded me that I haven’t caught my Jirachi, finished the quest yesterday. Did everyone have the actual encounter screen have no options for changing balls, using berries, and no hit circle for Jirachi?

P.S. got 15/14/12, a 91%. Can live with that. Not happy that I have to pick a league and stick with it (unless I want to power up to the next league, of course). Would be nice to have 2-3 of these.

I would have maxed out my Jirachi, had it good IVs. But 10/14/14 is a hard pass from me.

I think that useless Pve pkm like Deoxys or reruns like SB Mewtwo are great for ExRaids because many people that work can only get to one or two during their stay on raids. As for Mythicals, like Darkrai or Sky Form Shaymin, I would prefer for them to appear on regular t5 raids, remember that the rules for this pkm aren’t writing on stone(Meltan is consider a Mythical on this game and can be traded)

Meltan is a promo pokemon for Let’s go, it’s unlike every other species in the game. I don’t see any other pokemon getting the same treatment anytime soon.

Those are great stats for PvP. The lower attack may let you power up another half level, raising everything.

Unfortunately a quick check on the CP calculator shows that one won’t fall just below 1500 or 2500. Clearly not suited for Master league with lower IVs. But 1467 in GL is playable.

Mine (15/14/12) hits 1476 in GL at 16, and 2491 in UL at level 27. Might do that, but want to look at a lot of other info before powering out of the GL. Of course, the biggest expense is the second move.

PvP is irrelevant for me, which is why good pvp stats end up in the trash for me. It also doesn’t help that nobody cares about pvp anywhere near me and most people just do the daily three battles with 10 cp pokemon to get the rewards.

And in general the biggest turn off for PvP to me is that it favors an awful attack stat. There is no way that I would ever invest into something that has an attack stat lower than 14, let alone 0 which is considered perfect for pvp…

So the only thing that might help my jirachi is there will be an introduction of something to improve the IV. Really annoying that you can’t even transfer it, cause frankly I’d rather start all over again wih the reasearch.

Niantic has dropped a trio of contempt on us over the last month.

I’m not going to stop playing, but it might be 15 minutes a day instead of an hour. I’m not alone in this.


buT cAn wE Tm oUr MeWtOs tO shADow BalLz duRiNG thE eVenT???!!!?


Only super hardcore PvPers would unlock a second move for Jirachi. Doom Desire is sufficient for most matchups.