Shadow Entei question

Quick question.

I have a Shadow Entei that’s 11/13/14 (ranked 103 for Master League).
This Entei would be ranked 5 for Master League (13/15/15) if I purify it.

I don’t know if I want it for PvP or PvE yet, what should I do?

I’d leave it as a Shadow, at least for now. Regular Entei is rather average for both PvP and PvE, while the Shadow form currently tops the charts for DPS^3*TDO as far as Fire Attackers are concerned.

The Shadow doesn’t do well in PvP, but that could change with a moveset rework.

Whatever happens, you’ll still have the option later on to purify, but you’ll have no means of reversing it if you pull the trigger now. Do make sure to TM away Frustration during this Sunday, if you can.