Shadow Legendary IVs

Sooooooo i just used the Super-Radar i had rolled over to get an early Shadow Ho-oh and it has - tadaaaaa - an astonishing 0 stars.

Didn’t they fix something there? I thought I’d read somewhere that the legendary cryptos also had a guaranteed 10er IV…but i guess not. When i was already sufficiently underwhelmed when i got my hands on shadow moltres for the first time last month and ended up with a 1 star. And then you cant even trade those…

I believe the standard IV floor for shadow legendaries is 6/6/6. The 10/10/10 floor was an exception for last year’s Go Fest, where the shadow legendaries were special research encounter rewards.

Alright, sadly that does add up, got 9-6-7 on this one. But i guess its good for fixing my expectations then, thanks ^^

For this precise reason I’m sat on 3 super radars. When something good comes round I want max shots at a good one.

I said this before and I’ll say it again, a 0/0/0 Shadow Pokemon is better than a 15/15/15 non-Shadow. So if you have a need for a Shadow Ho-Oh now, invest in it. If you don’t have a need for one and want to wait for better IVs okay cool.


My two shadow Mewtwo 12/10/13 and 8/14/12. Ended up taking gofest one to 40, but did it just like last week. I just got my Ho-Oh and 11/14/11. Yesterday it was windy and sunny all day. Guessed today would stay PC and cloudy all day so I just did it anyway. I already have a regular/lucky Ho-Oh at level 40. I got 2 decoys yesterday