Shadow legendary

Is there any chance to get shadow raikou,shadow moltress, shadow entei in future? Because i don’t have one

It’s anyone’s guess. I haven’t got the shadow beasts either, they were only around once before the shadow bonus happened so I never bothered.

I’d like them to happen, it would make sense for it to happen even via a paid event for the above reason. Niantic appear very keen on their route of a mini ticket at the end of a season and the February regional events and GoFest which doesn’t provide much hope of a triple beast release in an event.

Finally, the gradual release of shadow legends in a linear fashion, every 6 months or so, will still leave years to fill at that rate so it doesn’t leave much room for fitting 3 johto beasts in there.

Niantic being niantic, you can’t read any patterns into anything for certain so who knows?


It’s a running theme that Niantic has had going for a few years called ‘Johto always gets the shaft’.

At the start of Shadow Legendaries, we got Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos from Giovanni. Then GoFest happened and gave us all a 2nd for each of those plus Shadow Mewtwo.

Then we got Shadow Entei. Raikou and Suicune. Go Fest comes around again and nobody had ever heard of Johto. Johto Fest came around and still no Shadow doggos.

Comp as te the number of times we have had to get Kanto Regionals vs Johto.

I rest my case.

Of course. HOENN is the best generation anyway, so it hardly matters as long as Hoenn Fest is a smash.

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