Shadow Machamp in PvP

I caught a decent Shadow machop today and was wondering what folks were thinking about it as far as great league.
I don’t think it’s worth considering for UL as even though pvpoke always ranks it super high it’s just got too many very popular enemies.
I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t have much interest maxing out a shadow so that rules out ML.
In GL though I think pvpoke has it at about rank 10. I’d like to use it, but I’m struggling to place it on a team. Initially I thought about it taking the fire fang users spot on the all shadow team but that just leaves you with no answer to skarmory. On a regular team it needs protection from fliers as well as Azu. An electric type came to mind, but most options are pretty frail and might leave the team a little to weak. What do you folks think? Could it be something in GL? What would it’s team look like?

First of all, if u can’t teach it a new move, NEVER USE A SHADOW POKÉMON. Unless u wanna win purely on fast attacks. Cuz u can’t Tm frustration. Frustration sucks.

True, but fortunately we have an opportunity to TM it away on Sunday.

Yeah I definitely wouldn’t have even mentioned it if not for Sunday’s event

Shadow Machamp can apparently beat Skarmory, but the matchup is a little too close for comfort, and does have some defense against flyers in general with the use of Rock Slide. In addition to the threats you’ve already mentioned, it would also get torn apart by Charmers.

I don’t think there’s going to be anything that reliably covers all the bases, but one of the Big steels should take care of a few of them, for example Registeel or Bastiodon. A grass-type, or something with a grass-type move, should then cover the remaining vulnerability to Azu as well as protecting your Steel from Ground types.

So, something like Machamp, Bastiodon, Meganium should be a reasonably solid team.

Another one is Machamp, Registeel, Cresselia (with Grass Knot). I like the look of this one as Cresselia is a decent safe switch.

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Yeah cress looks really good with it. Hypno was another possibility I was considering. Both can take Azu and hypno can pick up skarmory while cress picks up altaria.
Both of the fliers Machamp can barely take in the 1 shield according to pvpoke, but It gets shredded in all other even shield matchups so I would still consider those losses.
My thought too was running it with close combat instead of cross chop. Try to sweep end game with it while saving it a shield. Might too much to ask for, but A well timed close combat and a few counters would be enough to win most any neutral matchup especially with Machamps super high attack stat.

Personally I don’t like Machamp in GL over Scrafty or Hariyama. Machamp’s stats are just too low for GL, much better suited for UL and ML. Scrafty sports a higher defense while Hariyama sports higher HP. Obviously they have different weaknesses and coverage but as mainly a Fighting-type I prefer Scrafty and Hariyama.

I dunno. Machamp has a way higher attack stat than any of those mons. Shadow Machamp goes further past that still. While I get that Machamp has never really been that good in PVP I feel like the ridiculously high attack stat could give it some play over other counter users.
Even top tier counter users like Toxicroak and vigoroth come nowhere near shadow Machamps attack stat

The way I see it, a shadow is only more effective over its pure counterpart in PVP if the damage bonus prevents the enemy from charging up another attack. Machamp has the base stat distribuition of a stellar shadow, but the things it is supposed to counter, registeel and umbreon, are tanky and have really fast movesets, so i don’t know if the shadow damage can beat their energy generation when compared to pure machamp.

Dynamic punch maybe. But I don’t think that close combat will ever be useful. With the extra attack you will just missuse the power of the attack and cause you a difficulty. If they shield it’s worthless, and if they don’t it will be as well, because you would be finishing the enemy anyway with dp by then…

This is funny to read :rofl:

I had a match where a shadow entei got a shield from me using frustration. I’m pretty sure I lost that match. Not my proudest PvP moment lol

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