Shadow magikarp keeps iv?

So i have a shadow magikarp with 0/15/15 ic and 40 cp i want to evolve it but mine friend evolved his magikarp and the iv changed is this gonne happen to mee too? And is the magikarp worth evolveing or cant i use it for pvp?

The IVs wont change if you evolve it. The IVs will change if you purify it. You can use it for PvP but you wont be able to get rid of the move Frustration until Niantic releases another event allowing you to TM it away.


what do you mean by event? like a magikarp event or just an event where you can get rid of fustration on all pokemon? and it says i can use mine charged TM on it so does that mean it goes away or just gets back?

To be honest I probably wouldn’t use it for pvp anyway, 0/15/15 are pretty bad IVs for Great League (ranked 991) although it’s ok for Ultra League.

As for IVs changing that can only happen if you Trade or Purify shadow pokemon (They get +2 to their IVs when purified). As Shadow Pokemon can’t be traded the only thing your friend could have done is purify his.

Bare in mind that rank 1 doesn’t mean it’s the best, everything is situational (except for Masters League)

An event where you can TM away Frustration on any Pokemon. You can try to TM it away now but it won’t work (and you won’t lose your TM).