Shadow Magnmite?!

Anyone have any experience with shadows? Thinking MAYBE I should power to GL and unlock the 2nd move for funzie but don’t want to leave myself feeling dumb because i ran in blind, and that’s how accidents happen.
Sorry, anyone can offer advice on this OR swampert? Those r the 2 I’m thinking of utilizing. Thanks!

You could hit shadow Magneton with a pillow and kill it

Oh, Ground pillows exist? : O

Shadow Magnezone is better than Shadow Magnemite but neither is amazing.

I have one with 15A15D13STA powered up and double moved for UL.

That guy is really spammy, but you should only put him as closer or counter switch instead as he can only shine when the shields are gone.

Another thing worth mentioning is that electric typing is under represented in UL thanks to the bunches of dragons and mudbois.

I have used a Magneton myself in GL, and it’s decent at what it’s supposed to do: bring birds down. Other than that, not so much. As even with so many resistances, it takes a lot of damage. I do not recommend investing in this

Shadow Swampert on the other hand is interesting… but you should check out pvpoke to see what difference the shadow version really makes compared to the normal version (like what matchups does Shadow win and lose compared to the normal one)

Shadow Magnezone would be very interesting when TMing away frustration is possible! Shadow Magneton due to the lack of Wild Charge not interesting that much at all. However, People who know Magnezone are afraid of Wild Charge (155 dmg to Azumarill! even neutral it hits hard - 81 to Altaria and still 65 to Registeel), so they tend to shield - and if not, massive damage. Super it would be with mirror shot as second move, then you could drive people crazy with baiting. But as is, it is ok - not great. The normal one is probably more interesting.

They do, and they’re terrible! Supremely uncomfortable. 0/10, would not recommend.

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I have a shadow magnemite with good PVP IVs and frustration gone that I have been thinking of powering up. Sims say it comfortably destroys most of the GL meta, especially the ones used most as leads and it would fit great on my team. At worst, it is bound to cause a lot of lead scares, cause very few things can touch it and they are all off-meta or counter picks. So building around its weaknesses and picking off the switches would be its best use IMO. Meganium and some Safe switch that IS NOT steel would be interesting

My 96% shadow magneton is maxed up to level 40 (one day I might best buddy it, but the stats gain don’t really sounds significant, LOL).

And he’s still very glassy. From my experiences, Shadow pokemon (in GL) benefits those with powerful fast moves (charm, firefang, razor leaf) better as they’re able to delete opponent before their charged moves are ready, thus gaining shield advantages. Those with low attack fast moves probably need to wait until the shields are all gone (but likely your shields are also gone and shadows generally best served with shields) to make the most out of the extra attacks

How did you get rid of frustration ?