Shadow Mewtwo in Great League

Because of the October Giovanni appearance one can catch shadow Mewtwo at level 8. This opens up Mewtwo for use in the Great League. Do you think Shadow Mewtwo will be viable in Great League? Does it have a place in the meta or will it potentially change the meta?

It will not change the meta but it will be a lot of fun to use!

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Similar bulk as Haunter’s but way higher attack. Being a Shadow would make it even glassier. In that regard, consider Confusion as a Fast Move, cause it won’t live much longer.

It won’t be as strong or effective as you think. Unfortunately! I have one from the event before. Its CP was somewhere around 1460 or something. Great IVs too… around 95% or so. All 3 moves in attack present too. Psystrike, Shadow Ball.
I have run it in great league, but it wasn’t all that. It passed out way sooner than I expected and didn’t cause as much damage either.
So I powered it up and played it in Ultra and it played great. I love it there. Not a favorite, but at least it is halfway effective.
I imagine I’ll see it’s powers once it reaches 3000 and beyond and be as powerful as it was meant to be…playing against the right type of opponents.
I think the problem is that in GL the opponents are not right for him.

Great League is a place where Shadow Machamp isn’t exactly rare…so Shadow Mewtwo would beat that easily right??? The difference bt Psycho Cut not doing much and Counter doing a lot. Standard 1 shield makes this dependent on the beginning energy levels.

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Impressive. One confusion deals 45 dmg…

The above graphic is Psycho Cut which is damaging Shadow Machamp 9 with each PC. Shadow Machamp is damaging Mewtwo 9 with each Counter. Yes each Confusion would damage Shadow Machamp 45. More commonly we’ll see Shadow Hypno, it damages Shadow Machamp 32 with each of its Confusion.

This is an extreme example fighting vs Psychic, but it happens already…regular Hypno is pretty common, its Confusion does 27 damage each Confusion vs Shadow Machamp

Yep, confusion is a might especially vs toxicroak :smiley:
Would not use shadow mewtwo anyway, but it’s main role seems to be to burn opponents shields…

I would say 100% hard no. Mewtwo, Shadow, is terrible in PvP period.

Great League: Mewtwo’s astronomically high attack stat, even furthered by Shadow, means that it’s frail as hell. Shadows are an interesting strategy to employ in PvP, but they need to at least be able to live for a little bit.

Ultra League: Literally why use it over Armored Mewtwo (which itself is very questionable to Cresselia nowadays)

Master League: Shadow Mewtwo actually performs worse/about the same as regular Mewtwo here in PvP. Yep.

Use it for PvE where it shines. It’s a god there.

In ML it’s different, not necessarily worse than regular mewtwo. I guess I would not use it with focus blast (instead either shadow ball or flamethrower) and I would use it mainly to break down shields of the opponent. Also you can’t use it without advantage vs the Tinas or dialga. Simply put, you have to use it wisely, I guess it is not for the inexperienced player. I wouldn’t use it, but it can be as or even more deadly than its counterpart

Are you suggesting that Shadow Hypno is something we should consider for PVP? or just highlighting its usefulness against Shadow Machamp? I have prepared many Shadow Champs for PVP but have sent dozens of potential Shadow Hypnos to the Professor’s wood chipper. So in your experience is shadow Hypno a notable improvement over plain vanilla Hypno? (I have several of those for PVP).

Shadow hypno is definitely not a notable improvement of course. That you see already in the only small gain in damage of confusion vs hypno
It might be of service in some situations, but overall both versions are doing similar

I have a regular shiny Hypno, opponents don’t seem to be that scared of it. When I don’t use my Hypno I’m kinda scared of opponent’s Hypnos, but I’m really scared of opponent’s shadow Hypnos. The Shadow Hypnos seem to be more apt to just do Fire Punch and Thunder Punch. Regular Hypnos might have a Shadowball in there instead