Shadow Mewtwo investment judgement call

Hey, I know there are so many already, but this one’s particularly spicy…

(I don’t have enough dust or Mewtwo candy right now to power up both all the way)

8/6/6 Shadow Mewtwo CP 884 vs. 15/13/15 Regular Mewtwo CP 2969

I’m a big PvP guy and my master league team could definitely use the help. I also actively collect and power up top-tier raiders in each type so my PvE is not seriously lacking (actually, I do need more powerful psychics…)

I know it probably seems obvious already as to which one I’m gonna go with, but specifically asking about Master League performance and how much better the Shadow at those stats will actually be all around…

For ML I’d go for the normal one. Shadow mewtwo has some advantages, but also a lot of disadvantages compared to its regular form in ML. Plus the worse stats in your case. Also, could be that there is a better mewtwo shadow in the near future

P.S., more important is that you have psystrike and a second mewve


I’d go for the normal and save the dust/candy for a 2nd move or another 'mon. Shadow Mewtwo might be fun in GL or UL though…

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That’s another thing that sucks about this one… powers up to 1458 or 2467. It’s awful lol

Did someone say judgement? :face_with_monocle: