Shadow mewtwo move confusion

So, the page for shadow mewtwo says that confusion + shadow ball is its best neutral dps. I assume that means it’s the best if you ignore type advantages. However, psystrike has better dps*dpe, and it’s benefited by stab.
Does anyone know what’s going on here?

I just took this screen capture upon loading Gamepress’s Comprehensive DPS/TDO page :woman_shrugging: I’ve had that page do weird things too after a while, try refreshing or closing the tab out and see if that helps.

Edit: I see you’re referring to Mewtwo’s actual page, and not the Comprehensive sheet. I believe they mean that Shadow Ball has more neutral matchups/coverage than Psychic (I’m assuming Ghost is resisted by fewer types than Psychic? I haven’t looked into this personally :woman_shrugging:). Otherwise you are correct, if neither is resisted Psystrike is Much more powerful.

That’s what I thought. I have both on it and I was like “This one’s better in every way, right?”
Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing a /idot, thank you.

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It’s pretty well covered above but I’d add that the days of the generalist in PvE are over so SB MewTwo has very little use anyway, even the shadow version with higher attack. Not a good use of an Elite TM in my opinion.


Given how strong psystrike is, psycho cut probably is better than confusion even too

Indeed, but only one or two seconds in the end really.
@oaf: SB is cool for psychic raids. Especially great on the shadow version. Don’t know what else, but cress, mewtwo and the latis call for it. Not that bad. And in PvP the shadow strike version is always a bit of a nasty surprise. Basically, the shadow mewtwo is the only mewtwo is use more often than once in a while in raids. Caveat: this is biased, because we had the latis and mewtwo the last weeks :D
My psystrike shadow instead I rarely use and i call it one of my worst latest candy/star dust graves


I thought I was the only one who felt that way! I don’t have a Shadow Psystrike Mewtwo, just a SB, and it has been extremely useful! Especially with a second charge move (IB helped quite a bit with Zapdos)

Haha, finally. I mean in pvp psystrike is the only way.
But honestly, for what do we need psychic attacks in raids? Mega venusaur? Gotta be kidding ;)

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Literally everyone: “Don’t waste an ECTM giving Shadow Mewtwo SB, generalists are a thing of the past! Give it Psystrike, it’s so powerful it doesn’t need to be supper-effective to be useful!” …is that not the definition of a generalist? :woman_shrugging: :crazy_face:

That’s it in a nutshell, so it got 2 (3 if you count the latis separately) runs out recently and when next? I think because there is so much other good stuff out there anyway that has other utility; thinking Darkrai, Tina-O, Chandelure, Gengar, Sh.Ttar, Sh. 'mence/Dnite etc, it’s just not something I’d spend an ETM on again. My caveat is also that I don’t PvP so I’d never need the 2-move, although in that one case I did, because it was a vanity project.

So, because mine was a vanity project, I can’t criticise anyone for getting one for any reason, it’s just something I wouldn’t do again.

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Yep, good overview. Not really into pokemon future releases, so there might be something. But yep, shadow ball mewtwo was also not my first choice in these raids, that was always darkrai. Pvp i dont know yet, cause I didn’t two-move my maxed shadow ball mewtwo and didn’t lvl 40max my two moves psystrike shadow mewtwo (god, all this shadow…) yet