Shadow Moltres or normal Moltres?

Soo I’ve almost maxed my Zekrom, and my next Pokemon to max is Moltres. I’m planning to get it Sky Attack/Overheat and max it. So this is my best (and only 3*) Sky Attack Moltres:

…which is actually not that good. However, I got a really nice Shadow Moltres during Go Fest:

I even TMed Frustration away in the event. However, a few things:

  • Rare Candy isn’t coming in that fast, even though I’m doing as many legendary raids as I can,
  • Stardust is tight because I spent a lot raising my UL team, and
  • I only have 1 CTM at the moment. My Shadow Mewtwo still doesn’t have Psystrike, maybe that would be a better use…

I’d like to know your thoughts. Is the Shadow Moltres the way to go? Or is the extra ECTM and the RC/dust simply not worth it?

If I were you, I’ll power up the shadow moltres.
Moltres place is in PvE, and the shadow performs way better than the normal variant, even if not maxed. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I read that a level 35 mon it’s at 95% of it’s complete full potential. And shadows do 20% more damage, so shadow moltres will easily surpass the other even at lower levels.

Another thing to take into consideration is that eventually you can get a better regular moltres by trade or in a re run. A shadow one will be harder to get