Shadow Mons fir pvp

So I have few shadow mons that will be good in pvp but I’m curious as to how much of a spike does shadow moves have?

I have a Shadow Zapdos that I invested in for Great League but haven’t had a chance to use yet and I have a Shadow Victreebell that I will invest in once I build up more stardust.

In the case of Shadow Victreebell it’s strength comes from Razor Leaf which deal a high amount of damage but generates a small amount of energy - think Charm. It will annihilate Swampert and Whiscash (and any other “mudboi”.

Shadow Zapdos is a huge threat once you burn your opponents shields. I’ve seen videos of players using it and the damage it can output is insane, even if it hits for neutral damage.

Actually any Ground, Rock and Water type will be murdered outright without fail. This includes Azumarill.

DB - DC/Hurricane . Mmm mmm

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