Shadow or normal Zapdos

I’m new to this, but would really like to know, what you think about powering up my Zapdos. I have two options… a shadow at cp 1496 with 151115 and a normal cp 1500 with 131515…
What should I do? Have a lot of rare candies to help me out

Hi there mr.Bording, and welcome to Gamepress.

The answer here is definitely the Shadow Zapdos. That 15 attack plus the Shadow Boost makes it a remarkable Electric attacker, and I’d definitely recommend that you use an Elite Fast TM to give it Thunder Shock to max out its performance!

That said, just so you know, this is actually the Pokemon Masters forum. The Pokemon Go forum can be found over here.

Thanks a lot! I Will do that! And sorry for bothering… as said I’m new to Gamepress :sweat_smile: