Shadow or purified dragonair

Hey, caught shadow dragonair with very good pvp stats and I was wondering what would be the best option for great league rn if I wanted to use it. From what I understand there are three main options.

1.) Shadow dragonair with aqua tail and frustration (shadow seems to be ranked higher than purified on pvpoke? and I cant change tm frustration rn)
2.) Purified dragonair with aqua tail and return (Is there any scenario that wrap is actually better? According to pvpoke, dragonair wins few % more with return).
3.) Purified dragonair with aqua tail and dragon pulse.

Dragonair is a very expensive mon, and having (temporarily) frustration sucks to be honest. Note altaria will be better than dragonair no matter what, but if you wan’t to use it for fun think about your resources first.
A purified one has to be above level 33 if it’s good, this plus second atk is almost 200.000 dust. I don’t even want to think how much a shadow one costs, and only with a single charged atk.
And between moves I use mine with dragon pulse. Aqua tail is cheap damage, you need something to hit strong…

Edit: forgot that return now does actual damage. Pick your poison… but return seems promising for azumarril I believe

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Shadow dragonair wins more total matchups than non-shadow. However, regular dragonair seems to do better against most of the top meta. Notably, regular dragonair just barely beats Altaria in the one shield matchup. I’d recommend purified/normal dragonair with dB/aqua tail/Whatever.

For that alone I’d recommend non shadow

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I was planning to run it as a lead. So considering two shields, purified dragonair with return picks a decisive win against azumaril,close win against hypno with thunder punch/sb, close win against jirachi, tropius and registeel. Loses against umbreon, vigoroth,mantine,hitmontop,forretress and cresselia(All those are matchups that shadow wins, some of them decisively), shadow is also close lose against scrafty . Probably gonna run purified solely for wins against registeel and azumaril.

Minor thing pal, but dragonair can not beat altaria (unless the altaria has trash Iv’s and it uses it’s charged move) If altaria has regular/good Iv’s it beats every single dragonaor variant

I recently got two lucky trade dratinis. Are they worth building? (Cuz the 50% cost, i mean).