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Hey people, I have seen that some support shadows and some don’t enjoy them. I want to know where everyone stands on them. I like them but only try to have one for each type cause they help anchor and they kinda squishy. I love my shadow swampy and shadowtwo and in the process of a shadowchamp and shadow dragonite. Enough of my words how do you feel about them?

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  • Shadows are the best
  • I have a few and use them
  • They have a purpose but I don’t use them
  • They are gross and goes against what pokemon stands for

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Also I don’t want to start a argument. I am just curious where everyone stands

They deal the same (or more) damage compared to their non-shadow counterparts, but take less time to do it. They are a pure example of power creep, and the primary reason why I quit the game.

If you get any useful data from this poll, be sure to account for survivorship bias: Anyone still playing the game is, at a minimum, somewhat tolerant of the existence of shadows.


I take a pretty neutral stance when it comes to shadows. In PvE, they’re squishy DPS monsters, and in PvP, there’s a handful that can really flip the script and be quite impactful in matchups.

That said, PvP has taken a backseat for me, and I’ve never once needed them to successfully complete a raid/grunt battle or sweep through a gym. Since shadows are significantly more expensive to power up (good luck getting one to 50 with the XL candy increase) and can’t mega evolve, mine have just kinda sat idly in my storage.

TL;DR: I think they’re cool, but also expensive. I’ve got a handful of good ones across multiple species waiting in the wings, but seeing as I’ve never had a need for them, I haven’t actively used any of them.


I appreciate they’re divisive, but they’re a legitimate thing in the game and so I use them. Much the same as glass cannons you can’t build a full team out of them (unless you regularly raid 20-deep, don’t know what it’s like to relobby and want the extra damage ball) . For a short-man raider like me, they make new duos/trios possible.

Only shame is the way they implemented it, so that by “rescuing” shadows you effectively weaken them which goes against the ethos of the game. I think they could have reversed it so that by purifying, maybe for a hefty cost, you get the damage boost.


Simplest this way: 1 for PVE; 5 for Ultra PvP; 6 for Great PvP (not pictured GL shadow Shiftry). Shadow Mewtwo has bad IVs 12/10/13, so not excited about it…staying where it is at to tank in UL. UL Swampert pvp #4 and Electivire pvp UL#4. I’ll make them but IVs need to be PvP great, plus a benefit in some key matchups. Shadow Alakazam is just a fun make (has Counter/FP+ShBall) not really a benefit except against an opposing Shadow Machamp. Tyranitar is 10/15/15 made it for Halloween Cup, then to level 40. Smack Down/Crunch+SE, I like the Smack Down for PVE but in Masters I’d like Bite better, thems the breaks

I do see the benefit in Shadow Abomasnow and Shadow Hypno for Great League, just don’t have one made…maybe IVs not great on the candidates

I have a few shadow pokémon in my storage, I never used one of them, the ones I like to use I purify,…

Shadow pokémon are under the influence of Team Rocket, I do not like that, so I heal the ones I intend to use… yes even my Mewtwo is purified and is now an 98% IV double moved level 40…

Working on getting this one to L40, the only other Shadow I have actually used so far is my shadow Victreebel for GL.

As for powercreep I guess I just acknowledge it’s a thing and move on :man_shrugging:

I like to use specially shadow machamp (two for rockets, gyms and raids, one for GL), shadow dark ttar (psych and ghost rockets) and, relatively fresh at lvl 30, shadow magnezone and mamoswine for raids.
I like that it adds a bit to the game, but i second @Oaf in that they should introduce a better reward for purified mons!!

I always felt the implementation was bad. 20% Attack vs 20% Defense isn’t a penalty, its just an alternative choice.
It’s basically a new species.

It also makes Team Rocket into success. Since the penalty isn’t bigger than the gain.

If I was to implement shadows, it should have been +20% Attack… -30% Defense. The penalty needed to be higher than the gain to make it where Team Rocket was a failure, and people wanted to save/purify


Thanks to all of you all for voting so far :D It looks like most people are fine with shadows and may use a few. But there are a few that oppose them and have good reasons for doing so. But it seems a small percent loves them.

The penalty needed to be higher than the gain to make it where Team Rocket was a failure, and people wanted to save/purify

But it is. The cost to raise up a Shadow Pokemon is higher than a Regular Pokemon, and much higher than a Purified Pokemon. And now that Pokemon can go to Level 50, it is even more expensive to raise up a Shadow Pokemon.

I think they’ve reached a good balance with the costs. If you want to have that phenomenal Shadow Machamp, you’re spending a hell of a lot of resources. Or you can get one that is just as good as a regular, except significantly cheaper. (AND it can be even cheaper still, if you make it Lucky.)

That isn’t to say that I like Shadows, or I use them. I’m not a fan of them, as I think that even with the high cost, they’re a bit more game-breaking than they should be. But they’re costly enough that even a Hardcore Player is going to have to seriously consider whether powering up a Shadow is worth the cost.

There’s vote option for what they’re really like… I only use pvp/pve viable.

You’re not going to power up something that’s worse as a shadow then non-shadow, e.g. Lapras, Sableye… Shuckle :laughing:

Here’s the start of mine

I have plenty more to work on, including quite a few Metagross with better IVs (not that IVs matter) and one day some of them will become obsolete, but that is the nature of progression

I really like shadows. Dust costs dont scary me, but XL candy, yes. I always choose Shadow over Normal. Also in PvP i prefer them and built Shadow GL Abomasnow, UL Ampharos, UL and GL Machamps, GL Victreebel, UL Exeggutor, GL Hypno, UL Swampert and UL Dragonite waiting for TM frustration.

In PvE has double moves Bite Shadow TTar that i also used in Master, 2 Machamps, Swampert. Despite their power, im still want to have at least 91( or 89 15 attack) before i power up.

Call me shadow fan :slight_smile:

Said it many times already, but shadows ruined PvE. Made evrything second class, since no pokemon can compete with a version of itself that’s part of the shadow gimmick.
The raid simulations are quite telling, considering that despite only a handful of species having shadows, they make up the top picks everywhere and there’s a huge gap in performance.

I myself stopped competitive raids, see no more reason to do short man raids and see no more reason to care for raids outside getting dex entries and possible shinies. After all, you can get a hundo from raids and it will still be lightyears behind in performance compared to some lousy shadow pokemon of the same type. There’s no balancing here, the only drawback are slightly higher costs with a performance gap compared to the starter evolutions with and witohut their CD moves…

Really annyoing that a pvp gimmick ruined what made pokemon go popular in the first place. And what I wrote here doesn’t ever glance over the contradiction in the lore and as well as this gimmick causing the whole story to have a massive plot hole, which Niantic refuses to address. Then again, they decided to make the personalities of the team leaders after the game was out for 2 years and based them entirely on the fanfictions that people made about them in the early days, so I’m not really surprised.


Worth every “penny” I think, but with that same caveat that shadows and purified could have been implemented so much better - but they are what they are and so I use them as they are. Only annoyance was that I piled all that dust and Beldum candy into one mediocre, one terrible metagross because I didn’t expect another chance to TM and evolve for MM for a year then we got another go almost straight away when I’d caught much better ones.

Also @Oaf still don’t know what to use shadow metagross for, but well :D
Edit, oh, i used one for a togetic raid. 5 second less, but one day there has to be a really nice fairy raid, i still believe :D
@Ziperro - so you would do a 111515, but not a 15158? Just did a 15153 shadow mamoswine, chase they’re so rare…

I have Metagross in the same bracket at Mewtwo, rarely useful but an absolute beast when it is. I use mine v Arlo too as he often has gardevoire.

Also is one of the upcoming legendary/mythicals soon not a fairy?

Vs arlo, groudon is much better i think, cause it’s faster with FP. And yes, there is a fairy in line, i was told in the other thread. Maybe not this year, but who knows…forgot the name again :D