Shadow Suicune

From the blog post starting today Shadow Suicune is available by defeating Giovanni. I got the Super Rocket Radar from the Skill Challenge and defeated Giovanni but I got Entei. Now I’m worried I’ll have no way to get Suicune. Anyone else get Entei instead of Suicune?

I just found out some important info via Niantic Twitter: If you encounter Giovanni at a Pokestop today, you will get a Shadow Entei. You wont get a Shadow Suicune if you encounter Giovanni at a Pokestop until tomorrow. If you encounter Giovanni at a balloon you will get Shadow Suicune. No word yet on how/if we can get another Super Rocket Radar so I might be screwed out of getting a Shadow Suicune. Thank you Niantic.

I fought him in a balloon yesterday, right after finding out about Suicune, and he gave me an Entei. (Which was a huge relief, because Shadow Entei is potentially useful, while Suicune remains garbage.)

Out of curiosity, did they implement a change so that shadow legendaries are always three-star? Last I heard, there was no minimum for their stats, which was why I never bothered before.

I think around the time Shadow Pokemon got the 20% damage buff/defense nerf there was a bit about the legendaries being more powerful but I never really bothered to see what that meant. Perhaps there is an IV floor now.

There isn’t. Here’s my Balloon Suicune.


This made me lose my mind…

How do we even get to fight Giovanni? Is it same as before (when special research) ie first fight the 3 Leaders (after 6x grunt battles each to get a Rocket Radar)? Sorry to ask but I have lost touch with Giovanni raids after getting 2 Enteis a few months back. Does shadow suicune look to be good for PVP as for PVE it appears worthless. If worthless for both then I probably won’t fight the Big G and instead just accumulate Shadow Beldums.

You can accumulate shadow Beldums with or without fighting Giovanni; Beldum is your reward for beating Sierra right now. Now, if you want shadow Bellsprouts, then you need to not fight Giovanni (like my alt has been doing for two months now, and like I’ll do with my main until the challenge is about to end). My alt hasn’t fought him at all, ever, but now that the stats are better, and shadow Suicune looks like it might be good in PvP, I’ll try and do all the Rocket quests, and get several Suicune, if the game lets me. Fun fun fun.

Why is Suicune garbage? Mighty in UL. Shadow might be useful with Ice Fang. PvE of course is a different thing. But maybe we get some other moves for Suicune anyway.

Well, but I am also biased, got a 15/13/15 shadow suicune

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One of the rewards for the 3rd stage of the Battle Skill Challenge is a Super Rocket Radar. You can either find Giovanni the old fashioned way of hunting Pokestops or the new Rocket Balloons have a chance of being Giovanni.

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I read on Niantics Twitter that you can open a ticket if you got Entei instead of Suicune.

Besides, does anybody have a source on how long Suicune is obtainable? Until the end of this event or longer?

Last day I met Sierra who brought Lapras, Lapras and Alakazam, and she gave me the Lapras. My friend encounterd her with the same team and same reward.

They’ve changed lineups completely - the ones you catch from the leaders now are Pineco from Arlo, Lapras from Sierra, and Grimer from Cliff.

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I don’t know why people keep saying this suicune is really bulky and has a great move set and is ranked better than entei in all leagues

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You have to battle Giovanni twice, I think, I got both Shadow Entei and Shadow Suicune, becuz i finished the battle challenge thingy, the first time I beat Giovanni he gave me Entei, as soon as I got the Super Rocket Radar, Giovanni appeared and had Suicune this time. So i think the reason why is that I got the Super Rocket Radar before the month of Shadow Suicune came. Get for the second time, it was during month of Shadow Suicune, so that’s maybe why?

I think it’s because entei is better in PVE.

Suicune is actually good in UL, but I don’t think shadow suicune is any more desirable than regular suicune. In fact I believe it’s the opposite


No. I already know why, read my second post.

Yes, it changed. Yesterday I fought Sierra twice, and got two Beldums from her. Today, the land based Rocket leaders shifted to Pineco (Arlo), Lapras (Sierra), and Grimer (Cliff). Overall a much poorer set of pokemon as rewards.

My understanding (not from experience) is that yesterday, the balloons gave the new encounters, while land based gave the old ones. Today, it’s all the new ones. Rather disappointed.

Even Blanche looks pissed about it, …

That said, I think there is a floor, but it’s around 5, not 10 or 12. We’ll see - if someone gets a Suicune with a zero or one, please post.

Thanks. Unfortunately shadow Beldum appears to have disappeared. In my last several attempts to do a Sierra Raid (Saturday) she led with a Lapras and no Beldum (even in 2nd and 3rd Mons). I am really annoyed that Niantic would make a last minute change… they do this often. They drop word Friday(?) that we can TM shadows and then they swap out the more coveted mons on Saturday? WTF? Many of the “new” lead Mons are trash … Arlo led with Pinecones in several battles today. Really? I want to do six battles to get a radar and then spend time finding and fighting Arlo to win a shadow Pine Cone?