Shadow Swampert Moveset in GL/UL

I just landed a shadow mudkip with a hot PvP IV for either great or ultra league.
From what I’ve seen of shadow 'mon in PvP, the best of them rely on having a shield or two available, but can farm you down with fast moves so strong the opposing player panic switches. Given that Swampert’s typical fast move is Mud Slap, and Bubble is mostly useless, except as neutral damage, or against the rare mono-ground or fire types, what movesets would you recommend?

PS - I have an Elite TM available to give it Hydro Cannon, if needed, however I missed community day, so I do not have a regular swampert with HC either.

I do not see any advantages for Shadow Swampert, thus I would not invest ressources. Unless your other swamperts are complete trash for pvp… And even then you might have the option to purify

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Well, there are a few things to consider:

  1. Shadow mons have the advantage of doing 20% more damage, but take 20% more damage in return. This is kind of a double edge sword, good in some situations and awfull in other aspects.

  2. Swampert does not learn mud slap and bubble, it learns mud shot and water gun. This is important, because they are very different moves. As you said, shadow mon are good if they can farm an opponent down and use energy afterwards, a task quite hard to achieve with swampert current fast moves. Water gun in this case can be an option, but the reason to use this mud boy is spam in the first place, so…

  3. 20% more damage is good, but bulk is key for swampert in GBL enviroment. It’s not that the axolote is bulky by any means, but a shadow one won’t survive a focus blast from registeel (a normal one can resist one with about 20% health), and azu match will be harder than before because you’ll have to shield everything (with a normal one you can take an ice beam and live to tell the tale, it’s “playable”).

  4. Resources: You’ll want Hydro canon, you must have it. Elite TM’s are scarce nowadays, and by december you’ll be able to evolve swampert and get the CD for free. Waiting is key here I believe.

That been said, if you feel like it evolve your fish and see how it goes, it’s a game after all. I wouldn’t but it’s just me.
Hope it helps pal


I really appreciate the breakdown there. You confirmed a lot of my concerns with swampert as a shadow 'mon in PvP.

You’re right, Swampert has access to Mud Shot, not Mud Slap. I think I was thinking Shadow Swampert might be viable if mud slap were an option for the higher DPT, while sacrificing EPT.

Unfortunately, I already evolved the Mudkip, so I’ll have to Elite TM if I want hydro cannon, but I think I will hold off for now.

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Afaik if you evolved Mudkip to Marshtomp and not already the way up to Swampert you are able to get hydro cannon in December (If there will be the opportunity at all, which is quite likely).