Shadow TMing

So as someone who did not TM shadows the first time around let me ask…if I TM a larvitar now, if I evolve it later it will still not have frustration, correct?? Thanks in advance.

Correct. However, if you later decided to purify it, it would have Return as the charge move (which you have always been able to TM).

How is this affected by Elite TMs and CD moves? Say I had a Shadow Charmander, and purified it to a hundo, and 3-moved it. Now, on the December all community day (assuming it happens again), if I evolve, will I get Blast Burn or Return? If it’s 3-moved, will I get both? Or will I need an elite TM to get Blast Burn on a purified Charizard, even if evolved on CD?

(This problem is easier with Larvitar, evolving on CD will get you Smack Down and Return, which you can then TM to Stone Edge or Crunch or possibly Fire Blast.)

During last December i evolved purified Charmander and Mudkip( both perfect, little brag heh) and they had their CD moves without using any TMs.

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Generally, you have to TM Return on the lower evolution. Then when you evolve it on it’s CD it will get the CD move just like any other 'mon. No need to monkey around with 2nd move unlocks.

In this scenario, you would get Return and some other random move (not Blast Burn) since you did not TM away Return. CD moves and Return take the first “slot” in the charge movepool so you cannot have both on one 'mon without using an eliteTM.

I could‘ve sworn CD moves have priority over Return

The announcement text for the CD almost always states that purified Pokémon must have Return TM’d to receive the Community Day move.

Oh. Must have overread that then all the time :sweat_smile:

@captpepperjack is incorrect. There was a tweet from Niantic during Turtwig Community Day - “Trainers, to clarify, you do not need use a TM to change Return as a move from Purified Pokémon in order to learn exclusive moves. However, the exclusive move will replace Return, even if you have two Charged Attacks.”

This means if you were to purify a Charmander and unlock a second Charge move, when you evolve it during Community Day hours Blast Burn will replace Return and the second charge move will be something other than Return. This means you cannot have Return and a Community Day exclusive move (except when the exclusive move is a Fast move) just by evolving a Purified Pokemon during Community Day hours. If you want Return and the Community Day move you need to use an Elite Charge TM.

Interesting, thanks, all. As an academic curiosity, I suppose one could get a purified eeveelution (once Eevee goes shadow), TM it on CD, and have an eeveelution with Last Resort and Return. Now, WHY one would want to do this is another question, …