Shadow vs Regular XL Candy Priority

Just wondering if people are prioritizing their best Shadow or Regular mon when they are powering up to 50…what is your rationale?

My method of using shadows generally is to have maybe 2 per type/team with 4 normal, after that it’s like using 6 glass cannons and round my way, you don’t raid 20-deep very often, making TDO and minimising relobbies important. So, assuming I have 6 of a species already, or a strong team of 6 and don’t need to evolve/power up any more normal ones to L40 first…

I tend to assess them case by case but generally, if they’re a fairly balanced species stat-wise, say Metagross or Mamoswine, I’m happy to invest in the shadow first, because they still have enough bulk to keep them on the field long enough to make the increased DPS worthwhile, plus they have enough going on attack-wise to make the shadow boost really count and pushing up to L50, it just makes it count more. I know the TDO is roughly the same, but I don’t want to be relobbying a 2nd time which would happen with more fragile shadows and the smaller lobbies I tend to be in.

The more fragile, the more likely I’d be to lean towards the non-shadow. Yes they do amazing DPS but you’re on your third mon before you know what’s happened.

I imagine big city players will have a different view, because if you always have 15+ in a raid, relobbies aren’t a thing.

My only real cause to deviate from that would be if I have a lucky of something. Then, as with getting to L40, the resources saved by halving the dust, more than makes up for the slightly lower DPS compared to the shadow.

Thank you, I was actually accessing my Metagross and Mamoswines, so you read my mind with that.

I’ve not powered up any Shadow Pokemon unless I’m using it for PvP in Great League. I have a Shadow Metagross but I’ve focused on powering up my 98 IV Purified Metagross for use when the Mega is released.

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I have my moments. I’ve found that my shadow Mamo’s have stood up quite well to the dragons and the various forces of nature well and my shadow metagross have all taken a decent shot from Xerneas before fainting. I don’t regret the extra dust and candy.

Forgot about mega Metagross…this complicates the decision

I’ve mostly been focusing on normal-version Mons over their shadow counterparts. The two biggest factors at play here are mega potential and cost. For a lot of Mons, the 296 XL candy cost is already quite hefty, and the thought of grinding out more for a shadow is unappealing to me, personally. Plus, since shadows can’t mega evolve, I feel like the investment in the regular versions of Mons like Metagross, Dragonite, Garchomp, etc will pay off more in the long haul.

On that note, I’m hoping to have Garchomp and Dragonite finished by the end of this current event. Many 100+km trades still to be done though!

It’s anyone’s guess about when Mega Metagross will be out, but seeing as they didn’t do it after the multiple chances to get MM in the first couple of months of 2021, I’d guess it’s a while away.

But definitely, well worth considering if you don’t think you can amass a further 296 XL in the foreseeable after maxing the shadow.

I suppose as well is that whenever mega metagross is released, catching it gives a couple or more xl candy too. Every little helps.

I was honestly expecting it to the be the next Mega after all the chances to get MM but Easter rolled around so I expected Mega Lopunny and now here we are still without Mega Metagross. Perhaps Niantic didn’t want us to have access to Mega Metagross for Xerneas raids since we have Mega Beedrill and Mega Gengar to make use of Xerneas’ weakness to Poison.

The only thing over level 40 is a Meditite for Battles

If I power anything to over 40, but can’t hit 50 then all it does is limit the usability of certain mons, for an uneccessary miniscule gain.

Nothing will be powered over 40 unless it can hit 50.

That is my personal system.

Looked like an absolute cert didn’t it? It would have made sense if it was around for the two fairies in Xerneas and Mega Altaria, but there you go. Sure they’ll get plenty of reruns over the next 12 months, hopefully it’s around by then.

Only thing big I have XL candy for but I am holding off bringing above level 40 is Tyranitar. I have double moved L40 Shadow with SD, plus lucky L40 double moved 15/14/15 with SD. An additional question is if Bite might be better to bring above L40. I actually have 450k stardust and I’m actively still wanting to get Machamp, Gyarados, Mamoswine, Abomasnow from 49 to 50. Just don’t have XLs. Level 46 stuff Metagross, Landorus-T, Charizard, Roserade…stuff like that just not enough candy for. Just not taking new stuff to 40 or new pvp stuff right now. Pushing 25 or 30 things past 40 but not enuff XL: UL Galvantula, Zebstrika, Bronzong, on and on. No waiting XL for anything but Ttar (other stuff I don’t have to L40 Skarmory, Gunfisk, Mandibuzz)

More or less by accident if the shadow’s not reaaalllly good: had more normals at lvl 40 already and started powering them up, so I continued. That includes machamp, my hundo dragonite, Gyarados, Metagross, mamoswine, magnezone - the latter three also better in ML. My 86 percent ttar was powered up to lvl36, but then I caught a better shadow one, so I went for this then (now lvl 42). Shadows are better anyway in PvE and a level up is not a real improvement, so why invest all this. I bring them to lvl 35-40 and they’re great.

My thought process on this is powering up high iv 'mons. With megas prevalent now, high ivs are important again. And without tier 4 raids, I don’t feel a push to be maxing out my teams, as any tier 3 can be easily soloed, and tier 5+ you need more people anyways (unless youre the guy who soloed M Abomasnow). That being said I’ve only powered useful hundo 'mons past 40, after that I would probably work on the top shadows. but im a new lvl 40 so I don’t have a ton of candy xl, besides bunnelby for whatever reason. Also cool shiny megas, like my shiny gengar, but thats personal preference.

So you’re not going for open GBL?
I mean, IVs are not more important than they were just for raids, or? Megas or not… To me it’s more about duoing stuff anyway, for some it’s easier with a few >lvl 40 mons, but overall having good shadows might be more important. A lvl 36 Shadow mamoswine with mediocre IVs (15141) opened up quite some duos vs the genies

That’s the point. We are now in an odd position with a lot of mons, bacause powering them beyond level 40 will let them impossible to use in “classic” gbl cup, and if they are not lv50 you’re giving advantage against big Whales in the league.

I cannot compete in lv50 máster cup (total lack of xl legendary candy) but I’m looking Forward for Niantic to eliminate the classic format, so we don’t have this kind of FOMO anymore.
One dimensional options Like diggersby or umbreon in PvP, or things like Mega sharpedo un PvE don’t have this problem. But I’m still reluctant to power up my gyarados, or melmetal (despite Having 2 of both of them).
If Niantic says: classic cup no longer runs, I’ll Power up landorus to lvl46 and see how it goes, but I just can’t do it now because I’ll have a mon uneligible for one league, and short in the other…


I don’t know if it’s that drastic. I had the feeling that my lvl 45 excadrill could compete in open ML at an around 2400 rank. Of course if you have an army of lvl 40 legendary hundos for classic ML i wouldn’t go open. So it’s a matter of choice.

For PVE as stated probably two glass cannon shadow 3 normal and a tank is usually the best team. The ideal number for raids is 4/5 so you usually get the 4 extra balls for damage and also a decent amount for time.

If you use teams of 15 then you will get many balls for time and it does not matter what you use, you might as well use aggron.

For PVE I don-t play much but you only need 9 pokemon for it. Team composition will be most important there, I reckon you can create good teams without shadows and probably without lv50 except for ML.

So far I have only powered up melmeltan to 50 because it was easy and I use it a load against shadows. Have XL candy now for a dragonite but there has not been any reason to do it yet. In due time I will surely power up my hundo before the shadow.

You probably mean PvP (GBL and so on).