Shadow Weather Trio at GoFest?

I’ve been excited for GoFest 2021 since July 2020 and so I’m always looking for patterns to predict this year’s big highlight. Last year was Shadow M2 and the birds all with research floor IV.

I’ve long said I reckon the weather trio are favourite for some kind of headline act this year, I thought maybe getting their Signature Moves but the pace feels wrong for that now.

So, with the news that shadow Ho-Oh is Giovanni’s reward until 01st September (presumably meaning shadow lugia will take September and October) does this mean we could get the same treatment with the weather Trio as the birds got last year?

Or am I just far too excited for this than any grown man really should be?

Analogy to shadow birds are shadow giants (Regi). Shadow Weather Trio are on the same tier of shadow Mewtwo. I believe they won’t be released before shadow Lugia.

I’d settle for the beasts, Sh.Raikou and Sh.Entei are plenty special. The shadow Regis are no kind of reward for a paid annual flagship event.

Because Regis felt underwhelming before gbl was a thing on 2019, I also thought that on 2020 we will got the weather trio with their signature moves, now on 2021 because of megas, I don’t think that it will happen. And if last year event was a clue, I think that this year raid event bosses will be Genesect with another drive, another form of Deoxys with a shiny release, and a surprise Mon … Maybe sacred fire Ho-oh.


Precisely expecting Sacred Fire Ho-Oh as the surprise legendary mon.

I agree with all that except Ho-Oh signature move. Doubt they’ll release both the Shadow and the signature move together. Then you’re never going to get anyone buying passes for Ho-oh ever again! :open_mouth:
Do need the rest of the Genesect forms. NGL, really weird that they’ve only released one so far. :confused:

I don’t foresee any Shadow Pokemon being a feature of GoFest 2021. There was limited info on GoFest 2020 because Niantic specifically said it wanted to be full of surprises. This year we got an entire info dump on GoFest 2021.

Shadow Mew?

That would fit more with the price I suppose, more variety as the reward rather than superstar names - like Kanto Tour had super rare shinies. Although I do hope it’s not the same collection format as Kanto as that felt really panicky at points

As for “Suprice” legendary Regigigas would fit current raid roster… althought Regigigas is Mythical…

Yeah, now I’ve seen the full breakdown/write-up of the event, it seems like I’m pretty much as wrong as I can get.

Not really, Regigigas is in the same category as Heatran and Cresselia.