Shadow Wobbufet

I have not seen any yet, but the announce is that now we can encounter a shadow wobbufet used by grunts. Not good by any means (although the best charged move for wobba), but in main games there is no a single possibility that pokemon can learn either frustration or return.
Niantic in 2016 gave a lot of mons impossible movesets (psybeam chansey, tackle porygon, rock slide omastar to name a few) and by petition of game freak then those moves were erased from the pool of random moves to get, in what was “the first legacy wave of pokemon go”.
This moves are nowadays impossible to get (bar legacy mons of that date) wich makes them extremely rare. If game freak (or niantic itself) finds out there is no chance for wobba to learn return or frustration, this can be the path to follow. Better get some then and not toss them, just for the trophy and future trading I guess.

Given that Niantic have been true to the main series movesets since the initial release, combined with Wobuffet’s pool being extremely limited otherwise, leads me to believe that Game Freak have approved this deviation in the interest of gameplay/diversity. Even with it, Wobuffet is a fairly niche pick.

That said, it probably is a good idea to hoard a couple, just in case.


I kinda doubt these moves will become legacy for it. Magikarp faces the same situation and is quite a bit longer available than Wobbufet. If Niantic were to do that, they‘d have most likely done it with Karp already.