ShadowStrike Mewtwo opinion

I decided there’s no better candidate to test new Elite TMs than ‘‘strongest Pokemon ever created’’. One, that got two powerful moves that were exclusive to two different ‘‘event’s’’ and impossible to have at once… until NOW.

I haven’t battled with him enought to make any clear conclusion, but I plan to do it later. In the meantime I wonder what others think about ShadowStrike Mewtwo.

I don’t know. It’s not that 1) it was not good already with ice beam, flamethrower or focus blast as 2nd move and 2) it’s now the metabreaker some hoped it would be. The most positive outcome it could have is that we have more variety - some Tyranitars, Darkrais, Snorlax thrown in…

You’re trading flexibility for stopping power - steel types aren’t particularly worried by it so long as they have shields and stay away from dark types. That said, without shields in its way, ShadowStrike Mewtwo can rip through anything neutral to it and it causes critical existence failure in fighting types.
Personally, I say to keep a shield available for it and play it smart. Works best as a closer.

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I’ve used mine a few times, and the results are… pretty much the same as when it had flamethrower. Flamethrower nearly OHKO’s steels and gets dialga halfway down, while Shadow Ball gets Melmetal and Dialga approx 2/3 down, and does OHKO Metagross.

It hits Giratina’s for INCREDIBLE damage, but my opinion is that a closer Mewtwo is better off with Focus Blast, while a lead Mewtwo shouldn’t pick fights with Giratina at all because you don’t live long enough to fire 3 charged moves (assuming they shield and you shield too)

Overall, the advantages gained are very small in my opinion. I don’t regret using my ETM here, but I was hoping for better results

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I have 100% Level 41 Mewtwo with Psystrike and FT. A level 40 15/14/15 Mewtwo with ShB and a random TB(?) I don’t use the ShB so I might use my free elite TM on the 40 and have the Psystrike change when I feel like changing it

I don’t like it to be honest, I would rather it have some resistance against Dark types.

For now, when I go to ML, I run either one of two Mewtwos.

One has Shadow Ball/Ice Beam, other Psystrike/Focus Blast.

Never planned on TMing any of those.

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Honestly, a Mewtwo lacking Psystrike is not really worth running it imo. Might be a good place for your ETM

The niches per pick:

  • Shadow Ball does great damage against Giratina’s and Metagross, decent neutral damage on meta pokemon. Energy req is 55
  • Flamethrower does great damage against steels. If not running Shadow Ball, then this is necessary to not get walled by Steel-types. Energy req is 55.
  • Ice Beam OHKO’s Dragonite and does neutral damage against almost non-existent Tyranitars. Energy req 55
  • Thunderbolt does great damage against Kyogre and neutral damage against Steel-types. Energy req 55
  • Focus Blast OHKO’s steel-types and Rhyperior if Mewtwo manages to land this. Energy req 75
  • Psystrike hits INCREDIBLE (90 damage for 45 energy) on almost everything, and even deals 1/3 damage to Dialga/Melmetal that resist it.

Now, I’ve put the energy req with each move too. This is because you’ll have to know that Psycho Cut - the fast move - does little damage and can rarely be relied on to knock an opponent out. So you can count on it that in 90% of your matches, Mewtwo needs 2 charge moves to KO an opponent.

So if you need 2 charge moves - why not use Psystrike at 45 energy, instead of Shadow Ball at 55 energy? Ice Beam is great for Dragonite, but can’t be relied on if shields are up. Dragonite is likely to win if there are shields in play, and you can’t pull off 3 charge moves if lacking Psystrike (this is the same case with Dialga, Togekiss, Snorlax and Kyogre, too). Unshielded, Psystrike hits so hard, but you’ve probably seen this on your other Mewtwo too.

In that perspective, Psystrike is pretty much mandatory to get the most optimal performance out of Mewtwo. And to not get walled by steels, anything but Ice Beam is viable. Actually, any movesets where you need 2 charge moves - regardless of SE factor or not - the 2nd charge move besides Psystrike is not even necessary. It’s just Flamethrower and Shadow Ball remaining really to deal decent damage to Steel-types - and Shadow Ball has the better DPE of the 2.

An example; do you really need Thunderbolt to hit Kyogre harder, if you’ll need to finish it off with a 2nd charge move anyway, whereas 2 Psystrikes would also KO it?
Do you really need Shadow Ball to hit Giratina harder, if you’ll need to finish it off with a 2nd charge move anyway, whereas 2 Psystrikes would also KO it?

I know Gamepress rates this moveset high, but honestly I have not seen a single Mewtwo lacking Psystrike so far and they are definitely making the right choice. I love using it, hate getting Psystriked my own ass


My Alt has ShB and IB…TBH I lead with it, charge it up then switch to Melmetal to try to burn some shields/try to get them to forget about the Mewtwo. I try to bring the Mewtwo back to get a Gira-o or Metagross with the ShB or a maybe Dragonite/Landorus (or mediocre damage vs a Snorlax) with the IB

I running Shadow Ball/Focus Blast Mewtwo. Almost always winning mirror and sometimes go straight focus blast on steels( no risk, no fun).

I like facing Psystrike Mewtwo, because whole my team resist Psystrike( i switching between Dialga, Darkrai, Mewtwo Heatran and sometimes Tyranitar)

I overall prefer Shadow Ball on Mewtwo in PvE and PvP( got 4 SB and just 1 Psystrike)

I did this with my elite TM but can’t say it was for anything more than novelty (at least for now) and it being forbidden made me want it more so…bam 1 maxed :100: pc/sb/ps Mewtwo