Shallot on Tier List? Zenkai Goku or Revolt Pile SP Move?

Regarding the new Zenkai Goku his primary appeal comes from the fact that He has a special move that increases Special damage by 100%. Unless you can awaken him to Z6 he lacks damage modifiers and he can feel Lacklustre in various situations.

Welcome Shallot SS3, with the new update the new Shallot receives a host of stat increases, cover cut and damage modifiers. More importantly


You wont have the Ridiculous stats that a Z6 Goku would have but you can have everything Else!

You have a unit that can Cover Cut 40%, Heal on main, Powerful Last-man standing Fighter with an incredible stack of Self Buffs. On top of that you have that Game-breaking Special Move.
Everything you could ever want in a unit, The F2P Zenkai unit. Why would anyone ever want to get a Z6 Goku when you get this Hero for free.

If I am way off please let me know. I have tested it in PVP
Very interested to hear your thoughts on the topic. Just seems too good to be true and by comparison makes Z6 Zenkai Goku seem so Bad.

What is Shallot SS3 Best Teachable Move?

Which Hits Harder Revolt Pile or Zenkai Super Kamehameha???

I was reading up on the analysis of the New Shallot and his recommended teachable moves. I initially thought Zenkai Super Kamehameha a no brainer but this made me think twice. I am unfamiliar with how the Revolt Pile Mechanic is calculated even after reading through the damage Calculator formulae… So I was wondering for someone smarter than me

What Special move would do more Damage the Zenkai Super Kamehameha or the Bardock Revolt Pile???

I am genuinely Curious as I am currently utilising the Zenkai Super Kamehameha, however would like the best possible configuration for Shallot in PVP and will swap Special Move Sets if Revolt pile is the Superior Special Move.
Are there any moves that do less damage but compensate with strong utility?

Anyone that could do damage analysis on both moves with Shallot SS3 and provide a description of damage Dealt and move utility would be immensely Helpful.

Finally Huge Shout out to DBZ Legends GG Team breaking the mould and putting Shallot SS3 on the SP Tier List instead of his own subsection.

revolt pile if you want to saitama the shit out of your enemy but is harder to land, zenkai kamehame deals less damage than revolt but is beamed and can counter blasts so is easier to land

Thank you for your Response…I’ll definitely give Revolt Pile a go and see what kind of Damage I can deal with Shallot.