Shamir IVs and managing NFU fodder

Looking for second opinions.

I have 5 copies of Shamir, including both +atk and +spd as well as copies neutral in both offensive stats that are +HP and -HP (which may be useful for infantry pulse setups. I don’t believe pure infantry pulse now that pulse smoke has become a lot more common, but I think it can still be part of mixed teams). I like this unit and how she complements duo Lif (green and blue are the most common colours of tanks; one forced double one spd double with NFU; one firesweep and the other fairly tanky; one hits def one hits res). I was never planning to merge her, but now that I’m almost halfway there the idea is in my mind and I wanted to check in case there’s some strong reason I should merge her.

It’s going to be really hard but if she’s worth it I’ll set aside the orbs. I’m sitting on about 100-150 at the moment if I mine out everything available to me, and my priorities in the next few months are:

  • Mirabilis (L.Lilina also good; if I get an extra copy I’ll fodder pulse smoke)
  • Triandra
  • 7th slot dark mythic
  • Plumeria (time’s pulse / DC fodder is good too)
  • L.Chrom (wouldn’t mind my second ever Seiros)
  • probably pulling L.Azura + Peony. I don’t have L.Azura; putting multiple of her on a team is not out of the question (especially when I have Sara); some potential for aerobatics fodder? (Also wouldn’t mind some merges on Peony because I want to play galeforce without falling out of the vault)
  • 2x G.Rafiel
  • L.Edelgard (don’t really want to pull on the current banner anymore because I don’t have a use for too many copies of Freyja and she might show up when I pull for Triandra)
  • far save fodder
  • W.Bernie if the unit sharing with her on double seasonals is good, or possibly even if it’s not (who are we expecting, by the way?)
  • ground orders fodder (don’t want to free pick Micaiah for CYL3 just to fodder, but I might go after her on a hero fest)
  • one special fighter fodder because imma run the B.Hector one-shot build on V.Gustav with far save
  • odd recovery fodder
  • duo / harmonic dancers when I get the right price

And I think that’s enough because I’m expecting to need to save as many orbs as I can for sparking now that celestial stones are giving forma souls. The secondary wishlist includes: F.Lyon, Guinevere (not pulling for her now because I already have L.Lucina), Duessel, Flayn, Leila, NY Velouria, maybe W.Altina? (suggestions for others welcome)

All that to say, with that main list and also wanting to spark for celestial stones, I need a really strong reason if I’m going to merge Shamir. Like, REALLY strong.


Basekit + TP + Deadeye = ded target.

82 Atk, 64spd, 2nd hit doing double damage, and she can’t be retaliated against unless target has NCD.

That said… Pick one project at a time. ONE. Otherwise you’ll have a dozen partial projects, or you’ll spend on one and regret not having enough for another.


I would recommend waiting till a Hall of Forms Shamir is out, and other than that, unless you need Shamir stronger, don’t merge her. However, if the only reason you have multiple Shamir’s is for different skill sets, if I am right, merging allows the target unit to learn all skills. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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Personally I don’t think there’s a need to give her many merges. Since she turns off counterattacks, I don’t feel like she gets a lot of value from Def or Res. I have a -spd +0 Shamir and she still serves me really well. So unless she’s a favorite or you really wanna use her in Arena or something, I don’t know that there’s a pressing need to do more than make her a +1.

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Short answer: No real reason to merge her.

My reasonings: Her weapon is not the easiest thing to trigger (I assume this is for AR D since you mentioned tanks and synergy with Duo Líf) because of the solo condition and the AI isn’t exactly… smart. Red tanks are a lot more common than you seem to believe; W!Altina, F!Ike, Mareeta, Ayra, and Lucina are all pretty common and with how easy it is to stack speed, they can still counter and beat Shamir even if she does manage to activate her solos (Altina in particular doesn’t care at all despite being slow because she just runs NCD). If you can find a comp that can make her work consistently, by all means go for it, but only take her to +2 for the extra Atk and Spd imo, and keep the rest for fodder, but I do not believe she has any real niche to make her truly stand out in today’s meta. She has an AR D statline and weapon effect with AR O activation conditions. As it stands, I would only keep one copy for collection purposes and manual the rest since her fodder is incredible.


@Bo1leth and @Easier_Iron_Myths make good points though. Solo 4 and NFU is incredible fodder for other units. With enough support or proper blessings a +0 Shamir can act just like a +10, and in the meantime you can grant some amazing skills to other units. I just wouldn’t save any version of her that’s -Atk or -Spd.


I do have a Shinon to fodder, but the thing is that despite being one of the better players on my thrown-together ARDs the past few seasons her weapon effect often doesn’t activate because she sticks to the team.

(Also, got multiple candidates for deadeye - L.Leif, L.Claude, Jorge if I decide to merge him, Python/Rath if I decide to merge, potentially others)

@Bo1leth the reason why I have kept multiple copies…multiple actually.

  • different blessings
  • haven’t decided whether I prefer +atk or +spd or whether I need a different HP IV for an infantry pulse and/or Kia staff setup
  • isn’t 3H HoF, like, a year away? I can’t see it being worth waiting an entire year, especially when the base kit is as sufficient as it is. I would add deadeye and TP probably switch to atk/spd push, but I’m not even sure I would end up using the TP on a defense team if she was on deadeye.

@TMFM that basically lines up with my own ARD experience, except maybe I haven’t run into so many red tanks other than W.Altina because I’ve spent a lot of time in lower ranks. But what’s this about tanking with Ayra? Is that a specialty of yours? You don’t switch out RA right? So doesn’t she just get whittled down over multiple engagements or die to a Reinhardt?

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ooooooooo it’s my time to shine

There’s 52% DR here, and with her huge HP pool thanks to mythics (now 4 because of Dagr, but she’s been cleaning house even with 3), she doesn’t need to worry about taking too much damage unless the enemy team is loaded with red and blue nukes. Auto follow ups don’t matter since most enemies just get one shot because RA adds nearly 40 extra damage, and this is unavoidable because of her refine’s Null Guard effect and they can’t follow up if they’re dead. Reinhardt is of course an issue, but that’s only a single unit and I don’t see him that often. She can tank him and win, but would of course struggle to the rest of the team. Some run Mystic Boost for sustain, but that seal is occupied by another tank (S!Myrrh) and I like to live dangerously and just get a bunch of stats and kill everything :feh_flaynfire: (oh yes, we have a bunch of new emotes now) :feh_ayratea:


here is the thing -

if you like her - i would merge her up. Just because she’s really good at +0 doesn’t change the fact that she would be very good at +5, and extremely good at +10. you are actually past that “spot” for me iswear i usually get like +4 of a unit and i am like. ehhhhh i COULD merge them, but i COULD fodder them).

if you just have the idea because you have many copies - sit on it.

I feel units like Shamir (and Igrene) want that sweet atk stat vs the speed stat but that is just me.

waiing for 3H is nearly at the end of the year and that’s assuming Shamir is a candidate, we now have: Annette, Summer Sylvain, Dedue, and Shamir. (and that’s before anyone else entering the game)

as for projects - i swear you are my spirit person -
a lot of your projects are on legendary so you’re gonna have to cut some of this down.

Lilina isn’t fodder. Lilina is for use. Fodder off Ceds
Pick one of these things.
WBernie is probably sharing with NY Peony.
I would go for Odd Recovery near Christmas time. (that’s just me - or hopefully more units come w/this).

Okay I gotta plug the queen since I have been given the opportunity

This is her baiting a +10 +Atk Reinhardt with AR D Atk/Def, Lull Atk/Res, and DB seal, and a +3 +Atk Bramimond immediately afterward (this particular bait would probably be impossible or at least significantly closer before Dagr but you get the idea)

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I can see that working, actually. Especially surprising in the absence of mystic boost.

Ophelia isn’t common anymore but has she gotten hit by any? How about deadeye archers?

Have you had any issues with firesweepers?

Also, why aren’t you running Iote’s on Myrrh?

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Ophelia actually doesn’t hurt much (can’t recall the exact damage I’ve seen her do, but it’s not even half).

Most Firesweep units do 0 damage and eat up dances, as long as I make sure to keep my supports safe.

I don’t run Iote’s because she doesn’t need it since her defense is so high and damage reduction mitigates most effective damage, especially since I run Dragon Wall + Glimmer instead of the traditional tank build (as you can see, I’ve come to enjoy one shotting enemies instead of relying on doubles). Deadeye of course hurts, but it’s not common enough for me to worry about it.


Yeah sorta agree with usher that Shamir isn’t that great of a project. She performs well in PvE I guess, but for ARD she’s not too great. Solo condition is sorta not great, and she might just end up being outsped so idk :feh_eirikathink:, and NCD exists. And her fodder is great :fgo_mordredthink:


I like her, but I don’t like her a ton. Certainly not enough to give up that much NFU fodder. The only reason I would do it is because she slaughters either on ARO or ARD (and I don’t see myself using her on ARO).

I would fodder Ced if I had him. I would have pulled for him on his debut banner if I was around. Multiple copies. But I’m resorting to foddering Freyja because that’s what I was able to pick up while pulling for Dagr and L.Edelgard.

If by project you mean merge, I’m not merging anyone on that list. I don’t generally merge 5* exclusives; I have never done it before and have no plans to do it, not even the ones available on 4%. (I would consider it for B.Ike or B.Hector further down the road, but I rejoined two months ago after 19 months away and I need fairies, fin de discussion.)

I have enough orbs to hit my 8% targets barring bad variance, but I don’t have enough orbs to buffer much against it so I’m just going to have to swallow it when it comes. Keep in mind that I get 45 extra orbs on the end-of-April 8% because I’ve never seen the hero battles for Mira, Lilina, Chrom, Thrasir, or Celica. So I think I can pull together 400-450 orbs by Apr 30 and another 300-350 by May 31. What part of the list I’m going to give up depends on what kind of prices I get offered on other stuff.

Big thanks for the hints about W.Bernie, NY Peony, and Odd Recovery. W.Bernie is probably the priority because I can deploy Sara on defense both seasons without sacrificing a blessing every season. If push really comes to shove I can fodder ground orders twice by using a free B.Micaiah (still haven’t used my CYL3 pick) and codes. But if things go well I’ll get B.Micaiah on a ticket or something.

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I know it’s about a year away, but I’m still waiting for B!Dimi in Hall of Forms. However, I’m a simple

I don’t think you should merge her for the sole reason that I’M merging her, and I don’t want any competition!

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If you like her , go ahead. She scores poorly in arena doe. She’s deadly for high pve contents and AR and arena defense. I got a +10 which is used mainly for arena defense . She got her use .

Shamir isn’t even guaranteed to be among the four units in the next 3H Hall of Forms. Even so you’d only want to get Time’s Pulse and Deadeye to make her kit perfect, which you can both get from the Shinon combat manual in the divine codes. Using the forma soul on her would be a total waste.