Shannan Build Advice

So I recently managed to pull two copies of Shannan on his banner. I’ve been wanting to get this dude for a bit, and I was lucky enough to snag two of him before running out of orbs. He has a Defense boon, which while not the best boon, makes him a lot more physically bulky. I’ll take what I can get, but I’ve been messing around with various options. I don’t have a lot of the skills GP recommends (besides Vantage) so I’m improvising.

Not my actual build in-game, but something I thought about. I have a L!Azura already, so I figured he didn’t need Even Spd Wave on him, and Wrath while nice, I don’t think would activate too often unless I put Shannan in front of a mage (in which case depending on the unit he’s hosed), so I wanted to focus on his tanking capabilities while also making him an even bigger powerhouse.

I’m no build expert though, so this might be overkill, pretty bad, or both.


Congrats! That’s a pretty good build for physical tanking :thinking: being an infantry sword lets him use [Repel 3] and [Close Call 3] so if you have these he can become quite tanky.

I’ll call @Mysterym1ster and @antsims93 since they use him, I’m sure they can provide better advice than me!


I’d use lull atk/spd for this because you neutralizes there atk buffs & inflict -3 atk added to your defenses and the spd insures your double even more by negating there spd buffs etc.

Threaten atk/spd works,but if he’s already getting buffs from Azura it almost invalidate it’s use.I don’t think it’s a bad build it’s good, it’s just the c skill is somewhat useless if he’s already receiving Azura’s buff.


Time’s pulse would work if you don’t mind pulling for a Sothis,after the first hit he will decimate plenty of units with his special and high atk.

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I don’t have Lull Atk/Spd unfortunately. The only other Lull I got is Atk/Def, but it’s on my Duo Ephraim, and I don’t really wanna give him up if we aren’t going to see him again for a while. My Lull Spd/Def is from a Claude I got on the Legendary banner, and he’s got bad IVs. I do got Repel though as I did pull a Larcei a week ago for my free summon.

That is true. I figure it’d still be beneficial for the Atk/Spd reduction of the enemy team once he’s farther away from her, but in that case, what other C Skill would be good for him?

I do have Sothis, but she’s merged at this point and I don’t have any spare copies.

Yeah I feel the same about some of my premium skills :tired_face: lol, but it’s why I said t atk/spd is “some what useless”,I use the skill on my galeforce Gerik where he’s always off by himself.

Yeah, I getcha. As well, I don’t have to pair him up with Azura too, lol.

Since I do got Repel, I did find that I have Spd Smoke too with a Sigurd (the irony), as I did see that as an alternate option for him

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I use repel on mines,but he’s +10 and I don’t use Azura with him,but it should work with consistent speed buffs for you on pp & especially on ep.

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Um, thanks AF but like I’m not a great expert, I just like Shannan a lot
So yeah, definitely a good build for sure, you’ll generally want to capitalize on Spd and Def since his Atk is already quite high (mine has the Atk superboon tho), plus more Spd = more Imperial Astra damage.
Don’t kill Sigurd for Spd Smoke, Chad has it, and also GP builds aren’t always the best, I would go there to get ideas but I wouldn’t follow their builds to the letter. Ofc his native Wrath is a great B skill too

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I personally went with DC and repel with a plus speed Shannan. Times pulse would be good- I gave him speed wave to help his repel damage reduction and double.
Sol for sustain- noontime works too. But I’m debating on times pulse. Maybe flashing blade for a seal.