Share: Top 5 FGO blunders/Your Story/Fun Fact(s)

I am not very creative so I apologize in advance for the super vanilla format!

Welcome to my thread! Every FGO player has to know the pain and shame that comes with Gacha life, even farming for materials can cause severe constipation and hemorrhaging. So how can we overcome this? Simple! By sharing utterly ridiculous stories about our major shortcomings and bonding together through tough times! It’s already the latter half of 2020 and the suffering is ripe for the pickings! With the new event banners primed up and ready to feast mercilessly on your Saint Quartz, the hour for heartbreak is very near!

Besides a simple salt-fest this is what I hope for, I wish to hear your stories, what are your top five worst decisions in your experience playing FGO, what made you hooked on the Fate universe, and maybe a fun fact or two for some extra spice. Let’s all get along and rejoice under the simple fact that we never suffer alone!

So to start by example here is my story:

My top five worst FGO blunders

  • Never requesting friends until Camelot Singularity
  • Not looking up any research at all about FGO until the start of E Pluribus Unum
  • Misunderstanding the Gacha system and impulsively dumping $450 dollars or so (over the span of a few months) to land an SSR only come up empty with a small handful of SR servants
  • Burning at least 4-6 of those SR servants when I was still an ignorant mongrel for Rare prisms or Mana Prisms, to then spend them on EXP cards or Friend points (big oops here)
  • Feeding my servants to other servants, to then feed them again to someone else before understanding how to level up NPs or learning the importance and difference between NP1 and NP5 :sweat_smile:
  • Honorable mention: Spending my SQ for continuations during boss fights. My absolute worst being during the Shinsengumi event fighting Hijikata and having to reset five times to deplete his insane health bar with my horrendously underleveled servants

Yeah so I probably have done the worst possible things that could be done by any FGO player. But we live and learn! I hope my shortcomings can make some of you feel a bit better!

Be aware! Possible spoiler alert if you haven’t watched Fate/Zero!!!

To share a bit about how I became a fan of the Fate universe, I started way back when Fate/Zero aired on Netflix. It was precisely when Saber (Arthur Pendragon) clobbered Caster (Gilles) with Excalibur I was completely hooked to the anime. Honorable mention to the Kiritsugu Emiya backstory. My favorite anime of the whole plot as of now has got to be Fate: Grand Order with Apocrypha tailing ever so slightly behind it.

Fun fact: I started playing the FGO video game around March of 2020, and fell in love when I heard the Grand Battle theme for the first time! The build-up to the final fights and dialogues are so damn impressive! #OSThype

Let’s get those stories rolling in! I’d be happy to read yours! My Friend code for FGO 279,801,819


Sadly, I can claim most of those same things myself.

I “had” to use our first free 4* Ticket on Emiya, because at some point I had burned him, so I had an Interlude I couldn’t do and a RUQ I couldn’t do (maybe not on that one, I don’t remember the actual timing of it) and no Emiya to ascend/bond…and this was before RP, even, so I never got anything for him. Yay. Now he’s NP4 from the Gacha and that 5th copy I burn is just…ugh.

Spending SQ to continue? Absolutely. Multiple times. I remember the OG Saber Wars run with a terrible roster (bc among other things, I thought that only 5* were any good so I literally didn’t have a single 3* or below) and those fights were hard…so yeah, I wasted it.

Not setting up 3T farming teams for dailies. I think I was almost 2 years playing before I went with a 3T team into EXP farming instead of 2 random of one with class advantage and a support of the other one, all with normal CEs…

Not using CE bombs. I don’t want to know the amount of QP I wasted throwing 20 lvl 1 1* CEs to my lvl 50+ ones trying to level them up.

Continuing with CEs, either burning old event ones before their rerun (like Saber Wars) or combining them without MLB…for a very long time I had only 1 Prisma Cosmos that had 3/4 to MLB, instead of just 4 copies available :catroll:

I was a fool in so many ways to start out.


Ouch! I really appreciate you sharing! The bit on not having a decent set-up for 3T farming hits me right in the feels! I’m still clocking in 12T farm runs for lack of the right material/servants to pull off efficient strategic runs! :sob:

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I think the only silly thing I’ve done was when the game came out on launch day, I did a few rerolls and eventually picked an account with 4* Tama-cook and Marie (great starter account I know). I stopped playing for awhile since the game didn’t interest me then picked it back up about three or four weeks later. The entire time I had been using and leveling my 4* Tamamo and never realized that I had a Vlad until my 2nd month in.

Other than that, I went without any SSR besides Vlad until America where I was graced with my 2nd 5* Nightingale. Vlad is best man; he carried hard. Having Nightingale was quite nice because she kept Vlad healed up.

I like to think all of my luck from year 1 got channeled into year 2, because year 2 was insane. Picked up…18 SSR between Merlin and end of 2019. Not counting dupes or GSSR. 2020 has been okay so far with 4 SSR and one or two dupes.

Edit: I did ignore leveling Arash until Camelot. I guess that was a bit ignorant. Didn’t level Spartacus until nearly Solomon either.


Thank you for sharing! And grats on all those SSR pulls! I’m still holding out for my first one, but I’m taking a much more patient approach. Maximizing value in what I have to work with has been doing enough to get me through the story line!

Oh boy I have quite the story to tell of idiocy when I was but a wee noob. First let’s start off when I got my first batch of CEs from the tutorial roll and later on my first multi. One of my dreaded experiences from long ago involved the 4* CE Imaginary Element. Back then I didn’t understand how amazing starting charge CEs were and thought that IE was useless since it only gave starting charge and mixed stats. So my dumbass decided to feed the damn thing to other CEs. For awhile my naive ass thought it was a smart move but as I slowly learned how starting charge is amazing over just raw stat boosts (Unless you’re BG) I ended up regretting that decision. It was made even worst much later down the line when I got another IE 3/4 of the way from MLB for literal months! If I hadn’t got rid of that first IE I would’ve had it MLB so much earlier which would’ve enabled me to do some cheap cost friendly set-ups. I’m glad I didn’t do the same for my first copy of BG back then because I thought 500 HP demerit made it way too costly or otherwise I wouldn’t be standing with my own MLB BG.

Another story of mine was when I pretty much ignored how leveling servants worked. I didn’t know I could farm Embers easily so I thought I needed to roll for other servants in order to level up the servants I wanted to raise. It wasn’t until my friend who played the game much earlier than me pointed it out that I could just farm Embers rather than waiting every month to do so. This lasted for about a month and a half.

Third was card bonuses. I didn’t know that NPs weren’t affected by first card bonus so I thought to myself back then that the NP would do more dmg if I use them at the end of the chain. As an example I thought BBNP chain would deal more dmg than NPBB or that leading with an Arts card would affect the refund of Quick and Arts NPs.

Fourth was when I didn’t know the difference between event banners and the story banner. So back then whenever I had enough for a multi I would waste it on the story banner thinking it might be better since I didn’t know that limited servants only appeared on their banner and thought could be summonable from story too since story locked servants only appeared in the story banner making me think it was better since more options.

And finally, the one thing I’m sure everyone has done at the beginning. Wasting SQ on revives. I remember the first time I had to do it was during a random early story fight in Orleans. It wasn’t even a particularly hard fight either. It was around when dragons started appearing. I used a revive because they critted my entire team dead. And since they were horribly underleveled and didn’t know counter classinf was thing I just revived with SQ. I did this a bunch of times up until Okeanos.

As to how I got into the Fate series as a whole, well, it started when I first saw Astolfo when Apocrypha was still new. My friend spread this lewd fanart of him in our group chat claiming that he’s the new face of traps or something because he already got a cult following somehow. Before then I was already aware of the Fate series but never gave a look into it. But when that happened my curiosity ended up peaking and gave Apocrypha a watch and since then I got hooked! So far my favorite is Fate/Zero.

And that’s about it for me. No fun facts or whatever since I don’t got nothing much on me that would be fun to learn about.


That was an epic read! Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed that story. I was also at some point massacred by wyverns but I can’t remember all the details lol. I calmly accepted my death since I was still learning about class advantage. Glad to hear your a Fate/Zero fan!


Lemme see… Yeah can’t think of much tbh

Most of the stupid shit I did was on Brave Frontier and I’d already learned my lesson there so I’ll tell those stories instead

  • Wasting Gems on Revives (I thought they were super easy to get and ended up wasting 5 on a single quest which I was underprepared for and couldn’t beat anyway, I did this 2 or 3 more times)

  • Rolling on Everything (Saving? What’s that? I see Shiny New Unit, I roll)

  • Not Sending Friend Requests to Anyone (Because I’m a pathetic blob)

  • Foddering a 6* unit (I swear it wasn’t on purpose. I was half asleep and thought it was an EXP unit because I didn’t have my glasses on, and my dumbass fed it to another unit. FML)

  • Power Levelling a Single unit instead of balancing my squad (Ya’ll know how shit like that can end)


Since I’m very careful when starting a new game, I managed to avoid some of the newbie mistakes (Burning lower star servants, using SQ for revival) I enjoy discovering how the game works by myself before I read detailed guides but I still have some blunders:

  • I didn’t want to rely on support servants so I didn’t send friend requests for some time during part 1 which is why I thought you could not use the NP of your borrowed servant :joy:

  • Also did not know about CE bombs until I read about it here in GP and combined CEs without having complete copies

  • Only using DPS servants

  • I didn’t know how card bonuses worked and what C. stars do so I preferred Buster cards for maximum damage (and the BBNP chain)

  • And just this April when I realized that you can setup comps for specific uses (farming, event, CQs) in the party setup screen (since I only use Party I and then change the servants and CEs)


Wasting gems on revives
Didn’t look it up anything until camelot.
Roll for drunk jalter CE on story banner because what even are events?
Not roling friend gacha for a few months.
“I’ll never run out of AP anyway…what are dailies?”

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To be fair, burning a few gems on revives can be a small price when you are trying to bumrush your way through the singularities in order to get access to events. After Camelot, even veterans with good rosters can have problems with the bosses, so throwing in a few stones (which aren’t that rare, to be honest) to grease the wheel of your progression is not an inherently terrible idea. Doing so on farming nodes is a different topic entirely, but that’s neither here or there.

As for my mistake… Well, I suppose it’s not getting BB. I went on a half year long hiatus just after starting Camelot (I got burned out by the first Christmas lotto), and came back just before the CCC event, which required Solomon completion. Since I’ve heard all the horror stories about the difficulty spike, I thought my roster wasn’t ready for the challenge yet. In retrospect, I could have probably rushed the singularities in a day or two, especially considering I had about 200 apples back then, but this one decision meant I wouldn’t be able to get her for another year.


1- I remember using quartz to finish one of the singularities early.
2-Burned my second copy of rider martha and bought qp with it
3-burned my maxed euryale before camelot
4-used my second copy of imaginary element on first one

Personally only “mistake” im proud of is rolling on story banner. Got gilles to np5 and had salter and altera in a month of playing


I didn’t know rolling on the story gacha was a “mistake”. Sure, it’s not optimal, especially for veterans with a diverse roster, due to the unpredictability, but its rates are no worse than the banners, and you have a higher chance of getting important CEs like BG and Scope.

Though again, I might be biased, because the only time I threw 90SQs into the story gacha, it gave me Artemis, NP2 Medb, Wu, Lobo, and two copies of Bodhisattva.


1 - Didn’t read any game tip till Camelot
2 - Misunderstood the Gatcha rate up (Somehow i got Orion NP2)
3- Didn’t use any male or non-Gold servant which leads to feather hell (1st SR Cheliver, SSR Karna). I took about a month farming before Camelot.
4- Lost 4 SQ in a boss fight (Can’t remember which one though)

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  1. Installing

  2. Not rerolling for Merlin

  3. Rolling for Cleo

  4. Not burning my Anne sooner

  5. Not convincing Jakey to give me FGO money successfully


I’ve also done most of the things already mentioned here… Fed every 1-3* servant to my 1 SSR because I thought they were useless, not looking stuff up, etc etc…
But, I also picked up only one copy of my first welfare, rider Ishtar, thinking “well I already have one, why would I need more than that?” :fgo_dshy: Thank god that event still has a rerun coming up


Nothing, i have no regret of anything that i have done

How i meet Fate? Well i already knew the aspect of Saber because was imposible not to recognize a so original design, i hear about the upcoming Fate/Apocrypha and the person that was talking about it say that you didn’t really needed to watch everything to understand because not every serie of Fate was conected, i literaly didn’t know nothing about Fate exept Saber, and i probably confuse this with Gundam because i thougth that i know Fate because both have that same aspect, i try to start with Zero but i drop it after the same episode, in YouTube i saw in recomended things the Carnival Phantasm part of Maid Alter and for that reason i wanted to start to really see Fate, years later i finally watch it, and i like it, i begin to watch Fate just because Carnival Phantasm and Saber Alter.

And welcome to the community :fgo_ereshlove:

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And fun fact: i didn’t have the best impresion about Medusa because i only knew her for UBW, Carnival Phantasm and the unlimited codes, but i begin to like her for her Bond lines and she was my first Bond 5 servants, so now she is kinda special for me, for this reason she was my first servants that get a lore, now i have a kinda rule for me, both Medusas need to be always at the same skill level

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I haven’t played Brave Frontier, but I really do appreciate you sharing! But I can totally understand what you mean by seeing something you like and just going crazy with the Gach haha! I think a lot of people can relate there

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Thanks for sharing! I think we all at some point had to admit that they tried to rambo their way through the storyline without any support servant support from the recent player list :joy: I was definitely one of them

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