Share your clears

Hi guys,
I don’t really have time to keep up with the doctor thread at the moment, or organise event challenges, but would like to have a place for cool clears that people feel proud of :feh_birdcool:

I went through the event stages quickly before reset with an overpowered team and thought some of the stages would have been cool for trying challenges on :frowning:

Did anyone do any cool challenges for the event?

Please share in the following format:
Map name -
Challenge conditions - blah blah blah :thinking:


Screenshot/video etc.
Blah blah blah :relieved: :disappointed_relieved: :grin:

Hide details on clear to give others a chance to figure something out

Any kind of challenges are fine, but please only your own clears, not random stuff from other gamers on YouTube


This is not from the event, but using event operators.

I’ve been wanting to do Kazimierz only runs for a while. I’m only missing Blemishine, and the next event will have some important additions.

I’ve also been thinking strats for clearing M8-6 without any of the ShieldBros dying.

How my clear started:
Kazimierz only + No ShieldBro death

How my clear ended:
3 Kazimierz only + No help from Rosmontis (She mysteriously disappeared :fgo_insane:)


  • Ashlock lvl 40 S2 M3
  • Blemishine lvl 60 S2 M3 (Support)
  • Fartooth lvl 70 S3 M3
  • (Aak lvl 40 S3 M2)

Deploy Fartooth first to stop bottom lane mobs.
Deploy Aak to apply medine to Rosmontis and retreat.
Deploy Ashlock to top lane and start blasting.
Deploy Blemishine to middle lane.

I was surprised when I noticed that Fartooth can actually solo bottom lane. The skill timings are really strict, as she wants to target the low def enemies first.

I will try my original idea when I get more Kazimierz operators. Keeping the Bros alive is too hard for now.

NL-7 themed

Not really optimised, just a nice clear using characters from the event story.