Share your formas

This one had some good heroes so I’m curious to see how everyone’s formas turned out


I’ve been slacking a lot on this.

The star of the show :pkmn_sphealcool:

Will update when I get some screenies for the rest.


I already finished mine a few days ago, but I remember the game liked giving everyone Defensive Solos for whatever reason

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I don’t know, I have like 7 hours of free time

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They’re pretty terrible, even though I lost several times I was able to finish it several days ago, but still been playing it to try and get DC for Sigurd (never did happen).

I have one more chamber to get through but these probably won’t change much.

Eldigan has been absolute dead weight for the longest time… It’s been so hard to get kills with him and I only got him that Rally in like, the last battle I did with him.

Whenever I got garbage skills, I went for a merge. I got a lot of merges.


Geishun and Chill Atk :feh_bylethconfused:


you see nothing


I’m really proud of my team this time around


He was a pretty hard carry


He took out anything Quan can’t


Mainly a mage soak and nothing else


Every HoF I have a dump unit. Boey, Draug. This time it’s Edigan AKA meat shield 3.0

My bebes didnt change much. The game is obessed with making me use AOE on sigurd. . I tried to ignore it. Its the last day do I took what I could get.

Lewyn finally got a special I could use. I wanted lul speed but I couldnt pull it.


Well. He got smite. Yea.

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My main carry

My early carry. When Quan got distant ward he (and everyone else) became useless

Meat wall to soak damage

My greatest shame among shames

I’d been trying to make Eldigan good, but his speed is so shit.

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I pity the guy. Im sure someone knows how to make him good. Not me tho.

Sadly considering that Ares exists and is much more available, there’s no real reason to build Eldigan.

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He is overpriced worse Ares. I suppose.

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Yeah. It’s unfortunate but that’s kinda how it is. Now if he could stop stalking me…


I think you can see who did the most job

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