Share Your Pokémon Go Stories Now! Now! Now!

Hi! I’m Mia Zhang, student at University College London, collecting Pokémon Go stories for my fun-fun-fun university project!:smile::smile::smile:

For the next few weeks, every Saturday, friends on this forum who want to join my project will receive 5 short questions via email. These easy-to-answer questions will help me to understand your Pokémon Go adventures during the week preceding that Saturday. I need 4 successive weeks per participant, to catch longer time windows for your adventures. Why? Because I don’t want just “episodes,” I want a full 4-week “series” of your adventure! The only criteria is that you are currently employed (full-time or part-time).

Don’t worry, your stories will be fully anonymised and will not be identifiable, because my university asks me to abide by GDPR.

I love this game! And I want to make this project fun for you and for me. Please join my pool of stories! I can’t wait to learn what you have been up to!:laughing:


Sounds like a very fun thing to do! I’ll share some stories definitely. Also, how cool of an university you have there that allows you to create a proyect related to a game.

Thank you for being interested in my Pokemon Go project! If you are interested in sharing your stories, please email me! :grin: