Sharena an Awesome Unit?

This build focuses on Sharena’s balanced stats. The link skill combined with an ally that has Spd/Def Link from Cynthia (Anna in my case) will grant Sharena +12 to all stats from Bonus doubler. Her refined weapon gives Spd/Def Bond and sacred seal (supposed to be Atk/Res Bond 3 but isn’t available on this site) Will grant her another +5 all stats. Totalling +17 all stats. Pairs well with Blue Flame as a special. Any thoughts or additions?


Why Infantry Rush?

Just a filler honestly. Atk/Spd Smoke will work as well or offensive wave skills. Infantry rush is what I have available right now.

What about a Smoke in C for EP? Debuffing the opponent and being able to move in PP could be an option.

I’m just using what I have available right now. I’m f2p and don’t have grails for Fallen Takumi or a Kaze atm. I would love to do smoke skills though.

If you have a spare Panne, I think she comes with Def Smoke too.

I considered that, but Atk smoke or Spd smoke could improve her survivability rather than more dmg dealt to others. The C slot is honestly super flexible with anything.

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Heart and soul of every team I use lmao