Sharena Build

I’m trying out a build for Sharena and I’m curious what you think. This build focuses on making her an Enemy Phase unit that will tank melee units and then retaliating. Swift Stance is there to help her prevent getting doubled and to help resist mages.

Spd/Res Bond is a better A slot in pretty much every single way since you should never be using her in combat when she’s not next to someone


Yeah what he said

Also Spd/Res Bond is WAY more budget than Swift Stance, she also has bonds already so yeah. :upside_down_face:
Shield Pulse is an interesting choice, cool.

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Yeah do that

Heh. +15 speed when next to a friend is one way to patch up a 34. Can’t wait for Atk/Spd Oath to drop and make some stuff more broken.