Sharena's time to shine!

Since sharena got some quests going for her I would like to hear some ideas for builds for her. Can anyone help out?

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If you have the divine codes or an Owain manual, fodder both Blue Flame and Wrath to her

Slap fury or bonds on her, bond in seal, anything in c slot, and you’re done

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I mean honestly you like don’t even need to build her to complete the quests. I completed them all with just a 3 star Sharena with minimal investment.


Literally this :arrow_up:

Don’t build her just to complete the quests, that’s wasting resources. If you’re going to use her more then by all means build her up, but if it’s just for the quest then don’t bother. She doesn’t need investment for those


Just give her something budget if you’re going to build her for quests.


Swordbreaker + Moonbow.
Nuff said.

My build.



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So, I use my trio in Arena and AR as bonus units all the time. I actually really like the sibs and hope we get to one day merge them or something… But recently I decided to deck them out, and this is what I decided on.

Sharena is a great user of Null C-Disrupt and DC combo from Naila. Her Prf nullifies all bonuses which makes her a great Tharja/blade tome check, and all staff killer. Not as strong as my B!Ike or Micaiah with the same B slot, but a good use of it on her.

Alfonse is a tank, and with his brazen Prf and Wrath he can do some serious damage with BF. I instantly used my Divine Toilet paper to purchase Owain for the combo and no regrets. His bond helps patch his Res against dragons, and I have infantry rush support in arena from MCorrin so he’s getting those BFs off nicely. Sharena’s still more reliable in t21, but he is great. Not to mention his great Wall/guard abilities.

Anna is great too. Her weapon allows her to warp, so her bond 4 Compliments that well. I was going to give her lull Spd/Def, but it’s a bit too premo to gift right now. Dull close does a nice job of making sure she is speedy for the Galeforce proc - pretend Aether is Galeforce there haha. I haven’t used her yet but I think she will be neat. It’s funny how Commander Anna has Harsh Command+. But that’s the cool thing about her: she can warp in, hopefully kill, Galeforce out, and harsh command a comrade who can protect her, or something like that.


Straight up bond stacking for the win

If you really wanna make things wild have a dedicated support unit with spurs for her. I run mine with a m!corrin with double spur atk/spd and I kid you not she killed a w!sothis


thats boring.

the only build sharena should use is double brazen pass

pass to get in the combat, then when she takes damage, she becomes Alfonse but worse.

the best and only possible option.

I am planning to use the trio more, sharena is the first on I’ll be working on


I was actually planning on making an emblem based on the trio. Sharena is the 1st one I’ll be working on

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In that case, you can run a Bond stacking build with her weapon refine for general use. If you have an extra Owain, Sharena is good with Wrath and Blue Flame, but Wrath might not be her best B slot anymore since we have Lulls and NFU. Those are also good if you want to go high investment

For AR, she’s amazing with a res refine and Distant Counter (during bonus season). Her B slot is flexible here too, but you’d probably choose Null C Disrupt. She’s a great tank unit and since she’s your bonus unit, she frees up a team slot