SHE CAME HOME TuT! And ticket help

A few days ago I asked if Umu was a good choice for the 4 star ticket and some of them made sense in choosing waifu over gameplay in this kind of game. But on the last day of the rate up of best waifu (tied with Tamamo), I received one quartz from my log-in, I made a YOLO with my last 3 quartz and my undying faith for her was rewarded!

I was so happy, so HAPPY when I saw the gold card appearing out of nowhere that I thought I was dreaming, specially since I woke at 2 a.m. because a storm came and my laundry was outside, and I couldn’t sleep until like 4 or something. But it wasn’t a dream, it was reality. It didn’t come with a gold effect, nor a rainbow effect, but turning from silver to gold was such an exhilarating moment! And she appeared! She came home!

And now that I have her, I can focus on other waifus/utility servants for the free 4 star servant, and for that I ask you, who could improve my roster? In the previous picture are my raised servants for reference to see which would benefit me most at the moment (since I am a new user in this forum I could only post one picture at a time, sorry for that.).

All of them at least 6 (except Kiara because I ran out of blue Saber gems) in their important skills thanks to these past events and the QP farming from Umu Fest, my strongest ones being Quetzaltcoatl at 9/8/10, Tamamo at 7/7/10 (I hate ghost lanterns), and Nightingale at 6/5/10. I am also leveling normal EMIYA, Arash and Saberlot but I ran out of time and energy to properly level them up to 80 and at least 4/4/4 in this lottery. All for the Bride. Maybe in Santa Lily’s.

My picks right now are as follow, all them I can raise their skills decently and all of them have equal preference status for waifu reasons too:

Saint Martha: For certain challenge quest and story bosses who put on themselves annoying buffs in future content.

Nitocris: I heard that she has immense value as a farming servant.

Penthesilea: I saw a video that under the right conditions she can deal immense damage. A high risk, high reward Queen whose powers are as mighty as a chain gun on overdrive and whose defences are as thin as painting canvas.

Umu: Because UMU, but since I already have her Bride form and her skill materials are similar as her, I wouldn’t be able to level her up until the Christmas lottery for the ghost lanterns, my priorities being Tamamo and Umu Bride.

Lancer Artoria: She deals massive damage, at least, the one I borrowed, but unlike Santa Lily that has a self NP gain, I don’t know if I should use her for damage output with crits with the help of Ishtar Rider’s NP, or take some extra turns during the first row of farming nodes to charge her NP.

Once again, thanks for your inputs and reasoning.


We’ll be getting Janta relatively soon, who can function comparably as a wave-clear farmer. Personally, with her I feel like I need her less, but that’s just me. Ultimately I’d choose Nito for her straightforward W1-2 killing effectiveness, or Nero, given

Because UMU

Character loyalty alone is a fair reason, plus she can’t spook.


4* Umu is great. Grab her.

Caster Gilgamesh is really the last Arts support you need—outside of Waver and Merlin, I guess. CasGil also enables arts cards to drop stars—Bride does this, but like at 10% of the efficacy. But it looks like you only keep female servants…?

Martha is okay. I think she gets outclassed by Circe (who comes with Salem) as a team debuffer. Martha has a small heal on Miracle (which you usually use at the beginning of a quest, so it’s not super useful) and buff removal, but Circe has a stargen boost, an insta NP button like NItocris, and a Buster NP with a near-guaranteed stun (certain enemies are immune to the stun). She also has an AoE poison and defense down, just because. More importantly, she doesn’t steal stars.

Nito is a great farmer, but she’s on Cleo’s banner. Will you roll for Cleo? You might get her in a few weeks.

Penth really needs you to go all the way (at least 9/10/9) on her skills to do that immense damage. She’s a good event farmer if you max that battery and all of her skills are teamwide, but she needs some babysitting outside of farming sesions.

Lalter—wait for Jailter.

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I can’t deny character loyalty… but Nitocris is really tempting for those wave killing potential.

Pretty much hit the nail on the head here, to the point that I don’t have much to add.

She’s pretty fantastic for farming but Santa lily can do her job (if a bit worse) and you do have her

Penth is great but she needs skill levels and she really needs to be baby sit as she has the consistency of tissue paper and explodes if enemies so much as look in her general direction

UMU is great and you are clearly loyal to UMU so I’d recommend just picking her up out of love

Lalter is great and should be used more in crit teams but If you’re gonna roll for cock wizard I would pass as she’s also on rate up there.

I would recommend UMU for the character loyalty

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I want to raise some male servants but the ones I want I already have but I haven’t leveled them yet because of time or QP hell (Emiya, Arash, Saberlot), or I failed to summon them. I tried for Grandpa and failed, I rolled for Fran’s second Papa, and failed, I definitely wanted my GSSR, the only time where I spent money, to get a Waver or Merlin, but got Orion instead… :fgo_deadinside:

That GSSR was a total crapshoot. Don’t let it discourage you.

Raise Arash! Farming hell is so much more manageable with Arash. And he’s cheap. Hop to it.

Well, in light of that: Consider how many chances you’ll have at her in the future; she’s incredibly popular in general, with five more future banners including Class, and hey maybe you’ll be want to aim for more Bride levels anyway? You’ll still be fielding White Umu anyway, and have Jeanne - and Tamamo no less! - so that everyone can be a cockroach, even if they’re not a delightfully egocentric empress like hers truly.

I’d pick Nito. She can farm low rarity trash extremely well regardless of the class.