Yes, yes yes ! She was my most wanted unit! I always free summoned on green orbs just hopping for her to come

Also now I’ve completed my two teams

The 3H lord’s one and the silver haired maidens team

One last thing , as you see IVs aren’t optimal but I Will build her just could you please suggest me any build? Don’t mind the cost (well a little but still)
I’m sure @bluebell and @TheEternalShade have great suggestions

I’ll wait here :feh_flaynfish:


But what if That’s not her natural hair color


it’s all right that her IVs aren’t really great. if you keep her default c skill, it’ll buff it up so that it won’t impact her too negatively.

personally i have a DC + vantage build on mine, but i wouldn’t recommend that if you don’t have any merges. plus, my is summoner supported.

for A skill i would suggest either atk/def solo or sturdy impact. really anything along those lines that buff her attack and/or defense. wrath, lull atk/def, and special spiral are all good B skills. like i said her C skill would be best kept because of the defense flaw but defense smoke works too.

for special, i’d recommend luna or bonfire (bonfire especially if you run sturdy impact)
oh, and galeforce works really well from what i’ve heard too.

i hope you have fun with her :fgo_ereshlove:




Aha thank you
Then I’ll spare that DC fodder , I’ll give her Special spiral
Her C won’t change , I could give the Def smoke skill in her S

I’ll go with bonfire because her def is still workable with her A and C


Ayyyyy! Congrats on pulling the true emperor! :smiley:

If you want some suggestions, I have a few for sure. But mine are all fairly high-investment, mostly because Edelgard is one of my most valued units.

I have three main builds for her:

  1. Sturdy Spiral

    As @bluebell said, Sturdy Impact works exceptionally well on Edelgard. It’s easier to capitalize on her axe’s Solo effect and it helps her low SPD by cancelling out enemy dou les, buffing her survivability. With her native Slaying effect on her axe, Bonfire has a 2-turn CD, which means that once El fires it off once, she’ll have infinite Bonfire bombs amplified by her Rouse and Brazen ATK/DEF.
    I use this build mostly for everyday skirmishing situations.
  2. All-In AoE

    When her standard Skirmisher build isn’t enough, Edelgard is more than capable of going all-in with massive AoE nuking capabilities. When yoj absolutely, positively, need to make sure something dies, this is the build I use.
    Blazing Wind is the AoE I chose, skmply because I prefer the pattern over the other Blazing Skills, that’s up to your preference. LD4 gives her already-high ATK a titanic boost, putting my El’s ATK at more than 70, while also giving her a much-needed SPD boost. And, woth ming at max merges, flowers, amd SS, she still has a respectable 39 DEF before Rouse. Just like with Bonfire, SS means that once she activates her Special, she’ll almost always have another one ready. Rouse is for added ATK and DEF, and Hardy Bearing to prevent Vantage from stopping her.
    I have yet to find anything this Edelgard can’t kill, but she risks taking more damage behind enemy lines, especially in modes like GC.
  3. Røkkr

    This build is more or less maximizing damage while relying on ally support (namely, a healer with a Joyous Staff) to buff her defenses and help keep her alive.
    Still needs Repel.

Uhu thank you
Special spiral is surely a great choice, Indeed I give it to her (also bonfire)
Unfortunately the only sturdy blow is on Bmicaiah so as for now I’ll keep the solo

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Absolutely. Her Victorious Axe’s Slaying effect means that El can use Special Spiral to great effects. It’s what I would recommend for her.
And A/S Solo is a good stand-in for Sturdy Impact, if you don’t have it, so it’s all good if you don’t wanna sacrifice Micaiah. It won’t slow El down that much, she’ll just be doubled a bit more. Her DEF will take care of that.

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I need a Dimitri!!! :catroll:


I’ll send you some of my luck :feh_excidunn:

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