Sheena refine, or naw?

So uh crimson axe seems underwhelming…

Which weapon is better? (Idc about scoring)

Rearguard+res or crimson +eff?

Crimson Axe is a Slaying Axe + Guard Axe combined with a nice buff to her damage as well. Crimson Axe wins here my a mile imo.


Crimson all the way!

Especially since yours isn’t running SF. Guard effect is pretty much a necessity for armor tanks

Not to mention a slaying effect

No contest at all, go with her refine


Fair, but she loses 2def and 4res over it

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Sheena Refine with eff is 100% better as it increases her killing power with the slaying effect and attack damage. You lose slightly less def and 4 res for guard and a slaying effect.

Sheena Refine is the way to go, especially since you’re lowering her attack with for. def/res when her attack is already pretty low, she needs a way to make up for that loss of damage and her refine makes up for it and more.

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2 def and 4 res…

For 5 atk, guard effect, slaying effect


Actually more than 5 atk because it has more mt too

That’s true

why couldn’t it have been inflict ATK/def -6 and special cool down -1 on for during combat

I say this all the time… Bulk is nice and all… but without Guard she gets killed by Special’s easily


But that’s technically what she is doing just buffing her instead of inflicting in combat debuff… where the only difference is the damage of Special’s… but with Guard that’s not an issue

guess I’ll put threaten def/res to patch the difference
300iq against mages :feh_thinkinglikelukas:

It’s no contest, Crimson is way better

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Minus 6 ATK on Foe would help her magical bulk too tho
And red mages… They scare

Threaten Atk/Res would make more sense tho… because it’d lower their Atk and raise your Res giving her essentially 10 Res

Yeah, if her refine helped res I would have gone for threat ATK/def because it basically gives her +10atk +10def
But now… Winter sothis is looking mighty

I mean yah it wouldn’t do much against mage and dragon’s but her Res is already good enough as is…

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Did gamepress die just now, or was it just me

I just accidentally refined crimson axe for +mt

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At least she has an 18mt slaying weapon now?
and I have 200 less dew