Sherlock Holmes re roll help

I really want Sherlock Holmes. I have no 5 star servants and I am on Oceanious. I plan re roll fro him, but I do not know how long it will take to get 30 SQ. Does anybody know how long it would take to get him?

I will be honest: rerolling to get a 5*, considering how low the SSR rates are, will take potentially a long time.

Of course, since it’s a gamble you could get him with just 3 sqz.

All I’m saying is that there is no way, in my opinion, to state how much time it will take to get him with rerolling.

I simply think that to be safe you should expect it to be a very long task.

And if instead you get lucky, congrats!


Or you can wait until next year. He also has a banner during 6th anniversary.

It depends on how much you grind before his banner ends.

Basically, you get 2 tries: today until 20:59 PDT, and on May 20th, 21:00 - May 21st 20:59 PDT.

Each main quest gives you an sq.
Each finished singularity gives you an additional 10 sqs.

Each free quest gives you an sq.
Every 10 free quests gives you another 10 sqs.

The earlier singularities are easy enough, you can finish some in a day if you have time. :+1:

(You can also do single pulls, you don’t exactly have to wait til you get 30sqs to roll for him. In the end, it all depends on your luck :fgo_jeannecheer:)

Why you need 30 SQs just for reroll ??? :fgo_hakunom:

Easy way to reroll for a certain Servant is to download an emulator of your choice which also has multi-instances.

Download FGO APK on the first instance > copy them in 6 or fewer instances > Download Data on all of them > Complete tutorial and roll with 6 different instances > If you didn’t get him, delete all instances and begin anew.

That’s what I did recently to get Castoria in JP (First time having a JP Acc). Not as painful to reroll when you have 6 windows of FGO :^).

WARNING: Depends on your CPU. I have a Ryzen 2600 and six instances are the maximum it could handle with some lag.

My pc can barely handle 2 instances. Your pc must be a monster of technology.

Or my pc maybe belongs to an Era in which the world was inhabitated by dinosaurs

If you’re using Bluestacks, have you tried eco mode?

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I’m bad with technology, sadly. What is echo mode and how can I activate it?


Eco mode

It reduces CPU/ram usage at the cost of reduced performance and FPS
Good for all kinds of automation (e.g. FGO’s FGA running in the background, farming in AK). Should help with multi-instance performance too


Thank you! I will try it

Also nice to Meet a fellow AK player