Sherlock Holmes viability in a quick/crit team



So, of all the upcoming servants, Holmes is the one I’ve looked forward to the most. Since he’s not out yet, though, I’m just looking at his kit on paper and not seeing it in practice though.

My team of choice is that I run Jack and Dantes all the time. Holmes seems like he could really fit in as the third member of this potential trio to bring some support and utility. He has two quick card, his NP buffs crit damage, and his bond CE even boosts both quick and crit effectiveness if one were to ever get him that far bonded. He’s a ruler and has an evade so he’d bring tankiness to a team as well, I would imagine.

So, is Holmes going to be at home filling a support-y role along side these two servants or is he only going to meet his true potential alongside an arts team? I’m mostly asking because I don’t see much discussion about him and his gameplay so I feel like my perspective may be limited.


Holmes is offensive support but he’s a bit niche. Ideally, he’s going to fit in arts crit teams, so Caster Gil is one of the better pairings for him. His trouble is that his entire kit is geared to taking on high defense servants or those with invulnerability. This makes him great for challenging quests but his general utility is somewhat low, not unlike Amakusa.

I struggle with the Dantes choice because as an avenger, he’s going to have a hard time getting crits unless you’re able to generate 40-50 stars. The common consensus is that without the upcoming servant Skadi, Dantes really is a poor servant for an SSR. Plus, since Dantes has invulnerability pierce of his own, support from Holmes is a bit superfluous.

Jack and Holmes, however, are an excellent pairing. Throw a servant like Artoria Archer or Chloe in there, and you’ll have a regular crit party.


He’s definitely best in Arts crit teams, since Holmes wants to spam his NP as often as he can.

His quick card and active stargen aren’t anything to write home about…but he has territory creation ex and an arts boost on a skill. So his Arts card are really excellent.

You could make him work with Jack and Dantes…but you’re not playing to his strengths.

Holmes works best with passive stargen so you can prioritize his (and the team’s) arts cards to spam your NPs.

So servants like CasGil, Hans, Waver w/ 2030, Merlin, Kerry, Saberlot…these are all great partners for Holmes.

As a Ruler, his starweight is quite high. Dantes won’t be critting often with a ruler and an assassin in the party until you’re typically generating 45+ stars.

So…he’s not so great with quick unless you have lots of passive stargen and you’re playing quick/Arts (like with Archers: Kuro, Robin, Squirtoria, etc.)


So an Art/Quick mix team would be ideal with Jack and Holmes… I’ll have to think on that. I do have Chloe but her skills aren’t really leveled up yet, so maybe I could look into her as a third member. Or just keeping another support like Hans or Waver to keep Jack going as the main damage dealer perhaps depending on the situation.

And Robin Hood has always interested me, maybe this is finally an excuse to build him up like I’d been meaning to for like a year now haha.

Good advice all around, thanks.


I love Robin. Those 20 stars on May King are pretty sweet…and then everyone on the team has a dodge, so combined with Holmes’s NP seal you can reliably tank 5-tick NPs from bosses. Pretty neat.

If you want to play quick, try Billy. Jack/Holmes/Billy has the potential to wreck a lot with crits if you can figure out how to keep them going.

It might be better to add Hans, since his buffs are universally useful, he has a strong crit buff and passive stargen, and more arts cards. Billy and Jack are more of a DPS, Holmes is semi-support, and Hans is your dedicated support.

Of course, then you don’t have quite so many quick cards flying around, so that complicated things a bit.

Emiya is more arts-based but works too.

A rider with a crit damage up CE will also work…Alexander is a good choice since he has a teamwide quick buff and charisma, both of which stack nicely with Holmes’s buffs/debuffs. His NP gain is pretty good and will hit hard thanks to his buffs and the def down. Plus he produces stars.

Caesar is another good once, but I’d run him more like a support for Jack or Holmes. Hans is probably better though.