Sherlock or Jeanne Ruler Skills?

Having both Rulers maxxed lvl. Only NP1 on each. Leveling both servants skills is daunting. Which one should I concentrate on? Jeanne is more tanky type right? Sherlock for Arts crit groups? Thanks for advice.

i would go with holmes
jeanne’s kills aren’t that great (except the 3rd one,that one should be leveled quickly)
anwyay holmes gets more out of his skills than jeanne

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Sherlock level 92 and NP2 here.

He litterally perform well no matter what kind of party i put him in.

Decent damage, good animations and an NP absolutely wonderful.

If only i had him when i did Solomon singularity! That damn boss and his evade…

well, Sherlock’NP blow away any kind of inv/evade strategy. Nothing can stop you from dealing good damage.

Not even DEF buffs, because a NP2 gives also a 40% DEF debuff.

Sherlock litterally destroy enemy’s defence, making him vulnerable for a whole 3 turns

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Leveling Jeanne’s stun up to 6 and then 10 for the reduced CD helps a ton in challenge quests. But if you already have good parties to deal with challenging content, you can completely dismiss her.

So, all in all, focus on Sherlock, who should see more use and gets a more notable performance boost from leveled skills.

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Jeanne wants her stun at 10 usually. Super good for challenge quests. The rest of her skills don’t matter a whole lot. Sherlock will probably get more millage out of his skills.

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Jeanne is very much unlike basically every other Servant in the game in that her skills aren’t really that important to her overall performance. What makes her great is in addition to being a Ruler with (until recently in JP) the highest base HP, she also has arguably the best stall/support NP in the game (post upgrade).

(Image stolen from Reddit, don’t remember the name of the original poster.)
Honestly, aside from her stun, even leveling the other skills at all is almost entirely optional. With Holmes, on the other hand, you need his skills to get full value out of him.

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Level Jeanne’s last skill.

Honestly, just wait for NeroFest. Lotto events are the easiest way to skill up Rulers.

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for jeanne, her first skill is honestly the only one I ever care about, personally

though that’s if pairing her with a dps that wants stars

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Sherlock. No contest

Jeanne has 1 useless skill, 1 decent skill (that powercrept really hard long ago) and 1 great skill that is a bit vanilla. She’s amazing but her skills are bad even when maxed out.

Sherlock has instant Stars, Star Absorption and Arts Buff. It’s not the best thing ever but it’s way better than her and he can benefit from all that stuff

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