She's coming for your job!


If she decides to become the best berserker and assassin then martha is the best saber and ruler then


Martha has impeccable fashion sense!


Alter Musashi… maybe a Caster?


She has certainly entranced me…


Musalter confimed.


I know I’m two days late but…


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Seriously, though, I just got Jack a while ago, so I went looking for some badass pics of her. HOLY CRAP that was a lot of badly-drawn pedo-porn! I mean, geeze… Same thing when I tried to find some pics of Best Fox Wife, like 90% of her art is the horny scrawlings of sexual desperation. I like good lewds as much as the next dude, but there’s a limit, y’know?


Yeah I get it.

Personally I’m not bothered by anything drawn but I have enough sense to know why other people would. If you want I can wade through the nonsense to find a badass jack picture for you.

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I keep her in the rags. First ascension? Or maybe even before that.

What, Asassins? Well, we all know who is

Best Cosmo Seiba! :fgo_mhx:


That one above is a different variant of the original. Casual.
Lost, if you read this, I’ve haven’t finished Kama yet. School busy now. :fgo_ereshdistress:


No need, I found some great ones:

But thanks for the offer!

Also, I wouldn’t say I am “bothered” by the artworks themselves, it’s just that there’s so many of them that it takes forever to find actually good pictures.



I’m avoiding the FGO subreddit right now cause its basically wading though the same post with different pictures attached

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Welcome to the wonderful world of anime type games and series, it’s actually part of the reason I hate anime in general beyond the fact that most anime is the tropest thing that ever troped. Fox wife doesn’t need lewds to make her sexy, her personality is enough, maybe its just me but I like flawed character’s who struggles to be better then their nature. Which is enough to narrowly put fox wife in the top 3 for me. Jack is on the list of servants I use that make me uncomfortable I keep her in stage 1 at all times.

It was the one part of apoch where I was viscerally uncomfortable, I have issues with the series as a whole but jack’s clothes top that list. I like her character I just wish more ppl including the devs put her in more appropriate clothing for her age. She will forever be my murder daughter, but I hate the amount of lewding vs the amount of badassery that she gets.


Hmm… Honestly, Jack’s design doesn’t bother me. It’s probably because I don’t really see her as a child. She’s a psychopathic, serial-killer ghost. She has neither the innocence nor helplessness that would incentivize me to protect her from exploitation. If anything, that fact that she takes on a childish form just makes her more creepy and disturbing.


Anime isnt a genre though, it’s like me saying I dont like Western animation because it’s all like Family guy.

I dont like most anime either, I dont think anyone does they just stick to what they do like. Sturgeons Law and all that(99% of anything is crap).


I’ve been an anime fan since I was 12 years old watching VHS fansubs, so I have a pretty good grasp of the culture. And yeah, most anime is crap, but as Kami points out, most of anything is crap.


I was 7-8 ish and my dad let me watch stuff like Robotech and Robocop and I’m just realizing the name similarity, and I mostly gravitated to anime because the other non anime options were all kid shows like Spongebob or Dora and I HATED it, to this day I have an ingrained dislike of Spongebob because of how much I had to watch. Thank god America got out if the Animation Age Ghetto.

In hindsite I dont even thing Spongebob is bad, In hindsite it’s a very good show but damn I cannot bring myself to even look at it now.

Wow that was a long off topic rant, the heck was the topic even about?!

This thread has no real topic. It was just a joke. Therefore, think of this thread as being in a superposition of all possible topics, Schrodinger’s topic, if you will.

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How is Schrodinger’s Cat not a Servent yet? It’s the perfect excuse to add another OP Catgirl!

Edit: Or Catboy. Actually yes, Catboy. Make it happen. Again.