She's finally finished! +10 fully maxed/invested Mikoto

After playing the game for 2 years and Mikoto being one of the two reasons I started playing, I’ve finally finished getting her last merges!

I know Natasha is basically a better demoted Mikoto but Mikoto has always been a favorite of mine and she carried my dumbass very hard when I first played so she deserved the fodder and merges.
This banner was not super kind to me but I’m happy to finally have her finished for the most part. Hopefully when she gets her refine it will be good enough to replace palm staff!


Congrats, it’s always great to see people pour love and dedication into characters that they love!


Mikoto just murdered me. 180 orbs before mt first 5 star, and its tiki.

Fuck me.


Congrats Soap!

Super happy for you :catclap:


Thank you! I honestly wouldn’t enjoy the game as much if I didn’t just pour stuff into the characters I like, meta shifts too much for me anyways haha.

Sorry to hear that! Mikoto was pretty cruel to me early on too, took me around the same amount to get my first 5 star and it was an off focus as well lol.


Oh sir I’m so happy for you


I got distracted by H!Rhea and lost all steam i had to max out Mikoto, so I’ll wait. Plus it’s super demotivating that she has no PRF or refine yet, practically making her one of the worst healers in the game due to her 5* exclusivity and nothing unique about her (statline is powercrept, again no PRF, etc.). One day though, I will join you.


Yeah, I hope she gets a refine soon, hoping for a combo of flash+ and panic/debuff after combat (as a reference to enfeeble staff from fates) and some mini atk/spd stat combat boost.

Hope to see your Mikoto +10 too some day! :d