She's starting to take up shape a little bit more despite the rust of many years

While not perfect by any mean, few extra Claude’s showed up on my Brave Lys quest, so gave her build a bit of a boost.

No, I’m not gonna use that A-skill in actual battles (with this build at least), I just wanted to see her stats with it. :feh_camillamug:

This will be how I’ll mostly run her with that skill set in mind :

Her potential with Pegasus Flight might receive a small boost thanks to it (not completely sure on that part though), and if I can get that skill whenever Fiora gets rerun, I might combo this with the Phantom Res seal to see if it’ll become an effective combo. :feh_legion_miso:

Also, a Resplendent version of her might arrive in the near future, so that +2 to all will greatly improve her very balanced statline. image

and by extra Claude,I did mean 2 of them, so yes, there was no way I wouldn’t give his C-skill to her Brave version ; there’s just no way. :feh_flaynsmile:

Although, Spd/Res Rein might be slightly more effective if that ever gets released, but I digress.

Always happy to find new ways to improve my army of purple heads out there. :feh_flaynfish:

That is all. Later. :catwave:



That’s even more stats to stack on top of your already very well rounded Camilla. She just keeps getting tankier :feh_catria:


and that’s what’s also great and bad about her ; her stats are so well-rounded that she can pretty much cover a lot of roles ; tanking, offense, support, you name it.

…but that also means she doesn’t really excel in any either, which makes her lackluster at the end of the day. :catroll:


How long is the skill list
It better be over 200


if you’re asking if the list is just as long as Lain’s Alm.

…then the answer’s No. :upside_down_face:


Muspell Resplendent Camilla when IS


After having used her as a team spot filler for the recent TT, I can confirm that Pegasus Flight/Phantom Res is fun on her.

Tested using TT bonuses only. I’ve only started working on her merges and DFs recently. I feel deep shame as a Camilla fan that it took me this long to start working on any Camilla.




Hey, better late than never. :catdance:

I really wanted to try to get Fiora on the Mythic Banner, but I had absolutely no interest in the other 2 unit that were sharing with her, so that’ll have to wait for another time, unfortunately. :pensive:


Honestly, her getting Pegasus Flight was pure coincidence. I never cared for Fiora but because she color shared with Fjorm, I ended up with a couple Manuals of her. Then suddenly Phantom Res comes along from the datamine and it felt like perfect timing that I had started working on her. It’s such a good combo since she can actually pull it off with her statline


Great, they both look better than ever :feh_nino:

I’m sure that resplendant would be very nice for her, what with every single stat being useful