ShieldOfWind's possible last post

Hi guys. Been a few days since I placed but I just wanted to tell you guys that… I think I’m leaving GP.
I haven’t been final with this choice, I may or may not go through with it. But after deleting Heroes, I’ve had no real motivation to go back to it. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. If I do, I’ll come back. But if I don’t… Then I think this is goodbye.
If you don’t know me, cause I know a lot of new users came on since I left, I guess you could call me one of the og users on here. I try my best to have fun on here and memeing up my favorite characters like Navarre or Anankos or defending Fates with my absolute life. But throughout the months, I’ve had a lot of salty and emotional breakdowns. And I think that’s because of all the stuff that’s been happening irl. You can learn more in this post

And lately, I had a really bad emotional breakdown. I don’t think very highly of myself irl, don’t ask me why. People say I’m smart and talented, I just don’t understand why I can’t feel the same. And these insecurities kinda translated over to Heroes. Everything I do wrong in it kinda just triggers these emotions, which leads to salt, and in turn, salt posts. Sometimes self depricating posts. So I took a break. And that break has lead us here.
So yeah, I might not be posting anymore. And I’m sorry for that. Give it a month or two, if I don’t post from those time frames, I’m gone.
But don’t think I’m leaving heavy hearted, you guys have been one of the best communities I’ve ever been a part of. And I’m greatful for that. If you guys still want to keep in contact with me, I do have a Discord, tho it is kinda embarrassing. Since I’m absolute trash for the show, it’s my MLP oc, and I don’t really plan on changing it. But if you guys want, I can drop it in the comments of this post. Might take a little motivation tho. But I’ll be in the comments an lurking this post for a tiny bit before leaving.
So… Yeah. I think that’s really all I gotta say. I guess this is it for my GP life. But man, what a life it’s been.
Alright, I’m gonna stop before I start rambling.
Love you guys. Goodbye. :catwave: :heart: :navarreculture:


Why are so many people leaving, man? :sharenacry:

But I understand, life’s hard, and you gotta deal with a lot in your life.

I relate to this so much, actually, I know exactly how this feels.

But we’ll miss you, Shield. When we get a Navarre alt or Anankos, we’ll make a post in honor of you.

Stay safe, Shield. We’ll miss you.



That would mean a lot :catdespair:


F*ck man…
I hope things turn out good for you. I hope to see you sometime.


Ay man, it means a lot that you people care :)
I’m hoping things shape itself into something better soon


Shit dude, wishing you the best.


I’ll miss you Shield, you’re a wonderful member of this community.
But your health & your life are the most important things. Take care of yourself :birbpeek:


Damn…I just read all of :sob: your previous post…I wish you nothing but the best,you and your family.


Thanks Someone Person ;m;
Most positive and g rated user on here folks :ok_hand:


Btw, guys. I’m still open for showing my Discord if you guys are interested. I’m a but scared of new online social interactions but if you guys really do want to keep in contact with me and maybe start a proper friendship, I’ll be glad to say it. I don’t want to cut contact with you peeps completely lol


Ay idea, you guys could make a post of all the people who left these last few weeks as a memorial/graveyard and visit it as service for those who have passed lol :catdespair:



Ay I just noticed I’m ending on a strong and rounded 250 posts :sunglasses:



It’s alright, it’s definitely nerve-wracking, although I’d love to chat with you.

Same. I love a lot of people on GP.


That was quite a read… Wish I could give back some sort of heartfelt story, but alas I cannot… All I can say is I hope things turn out for you, and I understand your decision to leave. Family comes first. Prayers go out to you and your family. :pray:

I remember you telling me about that in PMs. But I don’t seem to have you added on Discord? Did you never give it to me or something? XD
Well either way man… DROP THAT SHIT FOR ALL TO SEE. ;)


Another OG…


Do not worry, dear Shinx
This is only a passing of the torch to the new users.
This is a new age


Would keep it short.

In life, everyone makes mistakes. There is no need to go on a breakdown because of it. What is more important is learning from them, and get up again.

You are stronger than who you think you are. All the best.


If you reveal your discorb, I’ll probably friend you but it’ll be a while because I’m too lazy
maybe a month or two


Eh, ■■■■ it.



Friend me if you want :p