Shimosa Singularity Tips and advices?

Hello there, i heard shimosa can be pretty hard so i want to prepare myself… My team consist of
Saber : bedi, salter, yagyu, saberliz, sieg
Arvher : robin, euryale, david
Lancer : Brynhildr, chu
Assassin :hassan ca, emiya
Rider :ushi, medusa
Caster : hans, casgil
Berserker : herc
Avenger, angra, lobo
Im a f2p player and i have all the f2p servants jist not ascend all of them so is tis team will be suffice to clear it?

It’s not really hard if you use any class, most of the challenge comes from using only Knight-classes. That’s a good selection of Servants though, so you should be able to get by just fine if you have enough of them leveled.


Okay thanks… So here i go

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Do you have BB? If not, its better to at least have another berserker as one of the final fights is an avenger. Also I suggest you find a friend with a Nightingale support as it also helps. The other fights can mostly be managed through good party synergy and class advantage. Good luck!

Just finished it yesterday. :slightly_smiling_face:


There’s only 1 hard fight. Berserker Shuten and Rider Raikou vs Chaldea. Others fight is simple.

Just use CS to revive you team if they died


I think servant roster also affects the difficulty of the fights. But yeah, I agree with you. That fight was the only one where I had to use command seals for revive.

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Agree. That fight ate 2 of my CS. Others I just need to sacrifice 1 knight bond point to field Merlin.


I field advantage for that fight… But Shuten 1 hit kill my Nobu… Raikou critical kill Merlin… Luckily Martha manage to survive long enough. She manage to kill Berserker, bring Raikou hp to 2nd bar and die after been hit by NP… Raikou manage to survive with less than 100k hp… Revive and shoot raikou to death this time…


Wow congrat! I dont have bb but i got a fren that max all skills bb

Maybe I´m a bit late here but since I have some free time due to the eternal maintenance I thought I could add my unrequested two cents.

I finished Shimousa last night so my memories are still fresh. As you were told having a wide roster can significantly decrease the boss battles´difficulty. However, just like it happened to me, I don´t believe yours is large to breeze through like some people said before and even though I agree Raikou&Shuten ´s fight is the hardest that doesn´t mean the rest of the bosses are simple.

Anything that requires use of reijuus or at least soft resetting is not what I would call simple, since several of the fights although definitely doable are quite gimmicky and thus annoying. In fact, I noticed a difficulty spike from Shinjuku/Agartha bosses to Shimousa ones so I´ll talk about my personal experience to give you an idea of what´s coming.

The mobs are mainly assassins and lancers. My Nitocris and Saberlot had a field´s day with those and I think your servants would do nicely as well from what I read.

The main hurdle you will find as you know are the forced Musashi fights so I´ll expand a bit on those.

Purgatorio (Lancer): Nothing to worry about here, Musashi and your Sabers will butcher him just like mine did. Let´s move on.

Inferno (Archer): Again, you ´ll be ok here. Your Bryn is surely more than enough.

Paraíso (Assassin): Here is where things start to go south. Bitch has a short NP bar, NP charge plus evade (!) and forced stun for 5 turns. If you are unlucky you may have to redo this one, like I did because I didn´t want to waste CS here.

Raikou&Shuten (Rider&Berserker): Get used to the idea of havcing to resort to revive here. Apart from their already annoying original skills that can instantly screw you up (Shuten´s AOE Charm) you will get stars and NP loss debuffs when suffering normal attacks. At least be sure Shuten is gone and that you broke Raikou´s bar before wasting the seals.

Limbo (Caster): Consider raising Ridertoki if you have problems with this one. Mine was simply 80, 5/4/5 with a black grail and handled this without major issues.

Empireo (Saber): I think your Archer team will fare well here. If you have Arash levelled, as you should, you can also add him to the mix. Mine isn´t max Fou´d and took out 1/3 of Empireo´s last HP bar with his Stella.

Sorcerer (Avenger): I´ll be frank here, you have to resort to Attack or NP down debuffs or you are ■■■■■■. There is no way around it. BB is a great unit to deploy if you have her, but you don´t and you WILL need to choose a Nightingale as a support so sadly I wouldn´t advise using your friend´s. Trust me, you really need Nightingale´s NP. Your David and CasGil will protect her once you find her.

And that´s it. Personally, I found Shimousa´s bosses battles a lot more taxing than in previous EoRs. I could finish all at a leisurely pace with natural AP in three days using the 3 CS for the R&S fight and 1 for safety measures against Empireo. I didn´t want to risk him using his evade the next turn. I was lucky against Sorcerer after failing to protect the Nightingale from his third NP cause my last two unit were at barely 1000 in the last turn, consider the need for CS for this one too. I wish you the best and sorry if you had to read my rantings that ended up being this wall of text, blame DW for ■■■■■■■ up Jailter´s event xD

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I’ll just mention here that if you have Mecha Eli, her advantage over riders, casters and assassins can help. Also, raise her now if you haven’t as she’s going to be very useful in the next pseudo singularity.

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Ah yes, I forgot to say Mecha Eli could be of help for some of the boss fights. Sadly OP here doesn´t seem to have much Buster support.

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Thanks for d in depth guide… Truly appreciate it

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