Shimousa banner question

Fellow Masters, I wonder about what quite possibly is a stupid question, but here goes:

I want to roll for Katou Danzou. Catalysts at the ready, 2D deities and prayers prepared, SQ bagged and name-tagged.
What day of the 2nd Shimousa Banner should I roll, considering I don’t care at all about the other 4 servants? Or, in other words, does it really change anything rolling one day or the other to get that specific rate-up servant? :fgo_judge:

As you only care about one specific unit, you want her solo rate-up, and since you’re indifferent on the SSRs planning around them is luckily for you a non-issue. Therefore, you would roll on the second-to-last banner shown here, it’s robot-ninja-doll-wife-mom’s only solo, just like the rate-up prior is Yagyu’s only solo, before that having split with SSR solos and before that all of them together.

Good luck! I hope you get her!

Thank you! :fgo_dshy: I’ll make a note of that then.

All that remains is for RNGesus to hear my prayers!

Happy to help! I’m hopin’ for ya!