Shimousa Walkthrough Q&A Thread

Barely managed to fully complete the Walkthrough in time, but it’s done. The Boss Guides are still being edited, so I am not quite off the hook yet.

Feel free to ask any Singularity questions or let me know if you spot any errors, mistakes, or really anything else you’d like to request. Good luck!


So, not quite to Shimosa yet, but I noticed that one of the boss battles is against Kiyohime and Tamamo. I’m just curious, but why are they there?

Just the most important question is…Muramasa when Sizzle?

Good job on the guides, as usual. :) I’m gonna have fun experimenting with different teams for these bosses.

I’d answer if I could play the singularity. Still working on the boss guides after a wee break.

And in other news, I love the Kiyo costume in the banner for the Walkthrough and I want that for my Best Dragon Yandere.

Fighting for the master. As usual.
Different background ;)

So, fighting for you by fighting against you? Dang, that’s some Inception level shit right there.

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The Walkthrough deserves only the finest of Servants. Looking at you Agartha.


There’s absolutely no reason they’re there, it’s just a cameo.

That is such a huge spoiler right there.

But thanks for the answer.

Boss Guides are all updated and some only lack a Servant Recommendation Table. Time to pass out now.

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Hi, I recently completed Shimousa. The 15-3 boss battle has 3rd break at ~230,000 not 197,000 as you guys mentioned in the walkthrough.