Shimousa's Forced Musashi


So I am currently playing Shimousa and I have read the Shimousa’s Preparation page but the servants list there, almost majority of them I don’t have (Most of it were SSR so I’m not concerned much). So with Musashi has been forced in my formation and need to be in a starting formation, any recommendations from these list of servants of mine?

You can move musashi using the order change skill of Chaldea Combat Uniform BUT musashi is still usefull if you build a team around her.
Visit the walkthrough since it already complete


  • Lancelot
    A good ST art NP spammer that can produce his own star and spit that star back at the enemies. He can be your main damage dealer against the first boss. spoiler

  • D’eon
    they’re primary focus on taking your enemies with there taunt and evade skill you can protect your DPS with them.

  • Brave ELI
    A NP5 saber is always welcome here. since most class in shimosa are knight (saber, archer, lancer) and assassin with a few berserker.


  • kiyohime
    your best bet in dealing with the archer boss. A ST lancer is recommended in boss fight.

  • eresh
    her being your highest level lancer your can use her in the boss fight and most mob that feature mix class without saber.


  • tomoe
    your anti saber archer. She can deal with most saber boss with the proper team and support.

  • attila the santa
    Assuming NP5 she can be also useful against saber mobs


  • CasGIL
    A good team supporting skill along with his NP you can use him in assassin mobs.

  • nitrocis
    A servant that focus no instant kill. this can be useful when dealing with bronze mobs that have high death chance. Instant kill is not reliable so dont focus building a team around it when facing with a boss.


  • carmilla
    You need to raise her ASAP. you’ll face female servant in shimosa that carmilla can easily deal with them or you can just borrow jack the ripper.


  • quetzalcoatl
    your anti Caster servant. She will greatly help you in shimosa in later chapter. raise her and bring a proper support for her then our lucha goddess will reward you greatly.

WAVER-MASH-DPS is the best team that I can recommend to you.


Raise AOE and ST servant per class so you can prepare for future enemies.

Seeing you screenshot I recommend that you focus on a single servant before raising another servant. Especially the higher rarity servant since they outclass lower rarity in stat.

The choice is still up to you. goodluck in your battle in shimosa :fgo_daishouri:

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You actually have a very nice range of servants, although a lot of them are underleveled. I’d really suggest getting some of them up to max level instead of spreading out your EXP that much.

As for the boss fights, Lancer is easy. You shouldn’t have any trouble with him at all.

You don’t have any good single target casters, so use Mecha Eli against assassin. She should be able to do a huge chunk of damage for you.

Archer isn’t that tough as long as you can keep the burns under control. You’re definitely going to want Medea Lily. As for your DPS, I think I beat it with either Karna or Lalter. My Lalter is NP5 though (not deliberate, Merlin decided to evade me), so you might have more success with Santa Jeanne.

Rider/Berserker is by far the hardest fight in the singularity. Try to burst it down as quickly as you can with either Kiara or Scathsassin.

The big ghost was just a big ghost. Fairly easy.

Saber only takes damage from NPs, so you’ll have to use strong archers. Santilla is great, and if you can throw some exp at Euryale, you won’t regret it.

Against Avenger you can choose your own supports again, so you’re fine.

Obviously in all of these fights, Waver, Mash, and Hans are your best friends.

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I have to strongly disagree with this statement. Many low rarity servants are way better than their high rarity counterparts. A few examples that stick out to me from this servant list are Euryale, David, CasGil, Shiki, and Nitocris. I’d pick any of them over some of the 5* servants.

which is true.

In not talking about their uses im talking about is their pure stat (attack and HP) a higher rarity servant outclass lower rarity in terms of their attack and HP. mostly.

IF the sentence that I use is " use higher rarity servant since they outclass lower rarity in their uses." then I also disagree with myself.

That very Lancer wreak my entire team with his crazy 9K+ Crits and Evade. Why must Musashi have her Invulnerability Pierce tied with Buster up? :fgo_badciv:

Oh, if Lancer gave you problems, your next fight’s gonna be a bit worse, because Musashi gonna die.

Still, your roster is more fleshed out than mine was when I went through Hell did Shimousa. You may suffer some, but you’ll get through it.

Hundred Personas is a great finisher for the Samghata Hell Berserker and Kalasutra Hell Rider fight (if you kill Berserker first).

Medea is great against Assain Paraíso because of her debuff removal and quickfire NPs.

You have Waver so do his interlude ASAP for better value on his NP and max his skills, they’re priceless in Shimousa.

Tomoe and Euryale are both solid options against Saber Empireo but go for Euryale as his last break bar can be only be damaged by Noble Phantasms and if your attacker can’t fire fast you’re in trouble.

Against Caster Limbo any ST Rider works but i like the Quetz the most. Outside of my personal bias, she nas 50% debuff resistance so Limbo’s annoying debuffs won’t be as much of a problem and between her NP, her third skill and brave chains she shouldn’t have much trouble dealing with him.

David’s Evasion can be a lifesaver later on against Kalasutra Hell or Saber Empireo as his buff removal does not affect his np. Having him live through tthe fight can be the differwnce between winning and losing.

Against the final boss there isn’t much to do as the sorcerer does not have class disadvantage against but your berserkers and has AoE buff removal before dealing damage so you can’t just put Herc on the frontline so level Lu Bu to blow his first bar and put Heracles on the back to finish the fight.

The rest comes to RNG and your ability in a fight


All three of Musashi’s skills are extremely stacked with value and can be useful for several different purposes, so you do have to carefully consider when to use them. But, for the most part, Heavenly Eye is pretty straightforward–if the boss has evade or invulnerability, save it for that. Otherwise, use it with her NP or a buster brave chain.

It does kinda suck that the version of Musashi they stick you with is under-leveled and missing her third skill (at least until the end), and when will they learn to give story supports craft essences? But she is still one of the most potent DPS servants in the game, so it could be a lot worse.

I think around lb3 onward they give story supports a 50% Starting charge ce and 50% np gain up plus the supports in general are maxed level with maxed skills/ high np levels. Afaik this is a QoL update cause all story supports this including old ones get the CE (assuming what I read is correct I don’t play jp myself)


Guest supports always have a special CE now for story content.
And it’s not related to this chapter, but event guests will also have event CEs equipped.


I think your guide is much more reasonable for me to follow but I will also consider others suggestion for me to consider as well

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Thank to all of you guys :heart: that gave me a handful of guides for me to use

Well, that’s exactly what I am looking for in the next boss fight. :fgo_bbgrin:

This will make many fights much easier.

That’s great news. Do you have an idea of when this update will come?

I think this comment from earlier has an answer:

Answer: Not soon enough. ;-)

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That is well 8 f*king months away.

That’s pretty long

No? Not necessarily. I beat Tomoe with Musashi’s NP. It’s not that hard if you build the right team around her.