Shinon team

I summoned Shinon after seeing how good he and his weapon are and I want to use him, but there’s a problem: after Lethe, he’s the second hero with solo skills which I want to use so I have very little knowledge in how to use them. Most of the other Heroes I use have skills in which they have to be close to their allies in order to activate them. Do any of you have any suggestions or hints in how to use a character like Shinon which you have to keep away from his allies?

Just don’t have him next to people lol

It’s not a hard condition to meet, and he can still receive support from units 2 spaces away like B!Lucina


Yeah, you’re right. I was just a little nervous because I’m not used to keeping my characters away from others.

What I’ve found helps is having a team of just units that prefer to be on their own, like with Fallen Julia or Legendary Edelgard. It’s a lot easier to remember how the team plays when they all want the same thing. Smite or Shove are also helpful movement assists, since they don’t keep the allies right next to you after using them.

Mordecai smites Shinon, enemy is done.

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You could bring a tank to take on the bigger threats that Shinon can’t tank/kill :thinking:
Supports like Legendary Eliwood work great because it doesn’t matter where Shinon is, he will still get the buffs :feh_elismoke:

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