Shinx Community Day

Looks almost certain according to Leekduck, the move will doubtless be a PvP one seeing as it can’t really improve much on the PvE set it has, but it’s one of the best shinies and I’ll likely max one for fun.


It’ll be hilarious if it is rotom

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Could still put Thunder Fang on it to maximize its PvE potential. Not much room for PvP though either, only Superpower and Play Rough come to mind. Luxray probably isn‘t that great in PvP anyways due to its stats :thinking:


Let’s gooooo, my :100: is waiting. It might suck though

Talking to someone in one of my chats I suggested it might be Electivire again but this time with Hyper Beam.

Already evolved a hundo, never used it, shouldn’t have done it.



It already has Hyper Beam.

Jajaja, that would be even better :joy:

Now, seriously, it’s shinx, no doubt about it. Only 3 electric pokemon debuted in sinnoh: shinx, pachirisu (one stage regional mon) and rotom (not even in the game yet bar “lavadora” one).
Sinnoh event is an amazing time for rotom to make it’s appearance, but it had so many “amazing opportunities to debut” I do not know what to expect anymore. Perhaps now with the new change form mechanich we can finally get it, but a whole CD about it is quite far-fetched to be honest.

As for the move, I would say volt switch is the best Luxray can get, with superpower as a strong second option. Crunch is a good coverage move already, and electric Nuke is a must on it.

Surprisingly decent candidate if it’s shinx.

Pve improvements would be: Thunder fang, Volt switch or Thunder shock. Both slightly better than Spark, but the difference isn’t that big. The only truly horrid electric fast move is charge beam. Wild charge is the best electric charge move and it already has it.

I don’t really see what role it would have in PVP since it doesn’t have much bulk and it already has wild charge and crunch… I guess Ice fang, superpower, play rough could be picked, but it would have as much play as payback machamp, well even less than that…

Now watch it be signal beam

Welp, Psychic Fangs sure was unexpected, but hey, a new move in the game, can be learned by quite a few Pokemon, and could benefit some Pokemon for sure in PvP (strength of 30 implies it being awful in PvE). And the boni are pretty nice too.

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Might as well give the next pvp gimmick bait move the power of 0 next time for pve, so that it matches with the effort they put into it there.

On a flip side, at least no regrets for anyone for having an evolved luxray, so at least there’s that

Feel much better about the hundo I have evolved, not that I had much to worry about. Another popular, rather than exciting, CD with an odd but welcone side-bonus re the transfer candy. I’ll be saving all my darkrai for then. If those extra bonuses are going to be a regular thing that would be good.

I’ve now realised why I forgot to evolve my oshawott last month, it’s because I rarely need to.

I’ll likely mirror trade all my shinies to/from my partner’s account over the weeks following and max the best lucky.

I excited just about any time there’s a new move added! Not sure it helps it a ton, I agree that T-Fang would’ve been best for PvE (not PvP though). Based on who can get Psychic Fangs, I think Stoutland and Espeon would benefit most from having a cheap bait/debuffing move.

I still hope Luxray could get Thunder Fang in a movepool update, like Manectric. There are very few electric mon able to learn it, and Luxray with it won’t break the meta at all, so why not?

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Because PvE to niantic now is pretty much like cleaning the spare room. You know you have to work on it sometime but you put it off for weeks and when you do it’s bare minimum effort and fuck it, that’ll do before you get back to the TV.

The October planning meeting probably ended like this:

“Before we leave, PvE plans for Halloween?”

“Erm, Wing darkrai at them with a PvP coverage move that’ll do”

“What about a dark type mega? Are there any good dark type megas?”

“Nah, can’t think of any, Absol, that’ll do”

“Hey, what about Tyranitar, that’s a good one…oh, you’ve already left”

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Spot on, man. PvE is so neglected it’s disappointing. Meanwhile people whine about all these things they hope to see with PvP with the meta, Niantic’s shit handling on the community, and the lagging in the matches; all the while, Niantic wants PvP to become a literal E-Sport. At least their preferred meta is currently rotting away in the waste basket…


:pkmn_shinxdasleepy: :egg:

anyone figured out how the shinx C-Day bonus “4x chance of earning XL candy for transfer” would work? I suspect it would involve both a higher XL drop chance and a higher number of candies (ie 2-3). Otherwise I don’t see how it achieves a 4x chance. Silph Road reported a while ago (as I recall) that high level (ie weather boosted) transfers had a 60% chance of XL drop while lower levels were something like 10-40% (ish). Thus a high level transfer would need to yield 2-3 candies to make the math work. IMHO this is going to be a massive candy fest so I have been catching and stocking everything for which I want XL candy

My thought (and I may be giving Niantic too much credit here) was that basically it is aimed at Darkrai - in that you can’t trade it for XL like pretty much any other useable T5 reward. TSR reckoned that the transfer rate vs XL drop was roughly 25% at L20. So it should all but guarantee XL drop for anyone transferring Darkrai, or anything else raid caught, during the event. I’ll be able to use it for any L20+ of the 80-odd random Cranidos I’ve been slowly distance trading away. Link to the table below: